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Vogel Alcove: Donate and help support a mom and her kids!

Hello, I don’t normally send you emails like this … but these are not normal times. Vogel Alcove needs your help TODAY! We have worked so hard to move our families from homelessness into housing and greater family stability, but as we enter yet another week of the Shelter-in-Place order, the coronavirus is threatening to push our families back into homelessness by devastating their… Read more »

An Important Message from Vogel Alcove’s CEO, Karen Hughes

An Important Message from Vogel Alcove CEO, Karen Hughes WE NEED YOU, WE MUST HELP OUR FAMILIES! Vogel Alcove is an “essential service” to the community Stability for our families is extremely fragile; they have little or no support system, even on a regular day, much less during this crisis. Some have already lost their jobs, others need childcare to keep their jobs.   Beginning March 30,… Read more »