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Makes me want to cry. While a small percentage are receiving 2/3 of total benefits, jobs are disappearing, Covid-19 is spreading, and Texas state politicians are planning on cutting funding for women’s health, Early childhood Interventions, health insurance, SNAP food stamps, and so on . . .

Texas families are hurting. Jobs are disappearing. Our uninsured rate is rising. Our mental health is suffering. COVID-19 is spreading. Yet state leaders are considering making things even worse by cutting women’s health, Early Childhood Intervention, and support for signing kids up for health insurance and SNAP food stamps. We need to fight back.

$1.3 Million Awarded to Train Mental Health Policy Fellows and Peer Policy Fellows in Texas

Ten nonprofit advocacy groups received a total of $1.3 million in grants over two years to hire in-house policy or peer policy fellows. The Mental Health Policy Academy and Fellowsinitiative, launched in 2010, builds both individual and organizational capacity for effective mental health policy and advocacy work. Fellows receive intensive training, education and experience in mental health policy while host organizations benefit from additional… Read more »