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An important update on Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center

Imagine for a moment… You’re diving off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt. You find a door in an air-filled cavity and open it to reveal a room sealed for 2000 years. Inside are 300 scrolls, part of the lost Library of Alexandria. You take one fragile scroll and begin to unroll it, taking in every symbol, every word. Studying it closely. Then you notice… water is seeping in. You don’t have time to study each scroll. They’re going to be mush and quick! You’ve got to save them. You quickly begin to take pictures of each scroll. You can study them later, when they’ve been safely photographed. You can hardly wait to learn all they have to teach you, but you have to be patient. This is a rescue mission! Save the symbols. Save the thoughts and ideas the ancient people wrote down. If you don’t, they’ll be lost and no one will have the chance to read them… now let’s look at Texas…

30 Days, 14 Students, 5 Rock Art Sites, 1 Successful Field School – Shumla

2019 Field School The adventure is over, but the lessons and memories will go on and on.   The 2019 Texas State Field School Group. Top row left to right: Jerod Roberts, Vicky Roberts, Dr. David Kilby, Cameron Michael, Megan Blackburn, Carter Wiseman, Logan Baird, James Ramsey, and Jim Sellers. Second row left to right: Ashley Eyeington, Lori Decker, Kenny Williams, Steven Frazier, Laura… Read more »