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Meet Tim & Audrey!

  Tim Murphy enjoyed running during his collegiate career in Track and Field at the University of California, Irvine before pursuing work in archaeology. Soon after, he worked in Cultural Resource Management for three years in California and assisted teaching at field schools with the San Bernardino National Forest and Wind Wolves Preserve. Tim then attended Northern Arizona University for a Master’s Degree in… Read more »

National Geographic Awards Shumla a Conservation Grant

Before the Rio Grande was dammed to create the Amistad Reservoir in 1969, archaeological surveys were conducted in the canyons that would be impacted by rising waters.

Dr. David Gebhard, architectural historian and director of the Roswell Museum and Art Center, was contracted by the National Park Service (NPS) in 1958 to begin documenting the threatened rock art and to determine the best approach to use in future documentation efforts. He and a small team of researchers visited 22 sites and selected 13 for systematic documentation. They tested several different approaches, ultimately recommending to the NPS that all rock art within the proposed reservoir basin be categorized, described, photographed, and drawn before inundation. Sadly, this was never accomplished.