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New Analysis: Young Americans Are Less Trusting

Americans believe trust has declined in their country, whether it involves their fellow citizens’ faith in each other or their confidence in the federal government, according to a wide-ranging new Pew Research Center survey. And adults ages 18 to 29 stand out for their comparatively low levels of trust in a number of these areas. Around three-quarters (73%) of U.S. adults under 30 believe… Read more »

Many Americans Still Face Financial Instability Despite Economic Growth

Editor’s note: This analysis has been updated to clarify that the workers who were interviewed had household incomes of up to $75,000 a year. National labor market data over the last few years show a strong, high-performing economy, but those big-picture numbers do not include microeconomic indicators that reflect the more difficult reality of many Americans’ financial lives. For example, a recent Gallup survey shows… Read more »

A Year After Hurricane Harvey, Congress Still Hasn’t Improved U.S. Flood Policy

In the year since Hurricane Harvey battered Texas and other Gulf Coast states, leaving 89 people dead and causing more than $125 billion in damage, many communities in the region have made strides to both recover from Harvey’s unprecedented flooding and prepare for the next storm. Unfortunately, much-needed action hasn’t occurred at the federal level: When it comes to pre-disaster flood policy, Congress has… Read more »