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I was a 1st-time donor…. and I loved their THANK YOU note! (Which means {you guessed it!} I might become a 2nd-time donor…)

Dear Tom, [the letter began] You care about kids! I know you do. You know why? Because your gift of $250 just came across my desk. It’s been a tough legislative session for our kids in the public school system, but you are a bright spot! Your generosity will help us continue the fight for our students. Tom, I know you live out of… Read more »

Good Samaritan Community Services Awarded Children’s Bureau Champion Award

Good Samaritan Community Services (Good Sam) was awarded the 2019 Children’s Bureau Champion Award in recognition of outstanding service and contribution to Building Community Capacity on April 24th at the 21st National Conference on Child Abuse & Neglect in Washington, DC. The award recognizes those who have made an extraordinary commitment to improving the overall health and well-being of our nation’s children and families.… Read more »

3 Questions to Ask Before Saying Yes to a New Opportunity

As part of the martyr complex from which so many of them suffer, nonprofit leaders often think that it’s best to push themselves and their organizations harder, faster, farther. Nonprofit leaders are continually faced with new opportunities – new client populations to serve, new demands for program expansion from funders, new partnership opportunities.And while pursuing new opportunities is a critical part of becoming (and staying) a relevant, impactful social change organization, not every opportunity is the right one for you as a leader, for your staff and board, or for your mission.

The Board vs. Staff Game Replacing Divide and Conquer with Let’s Make Millions Together

It started with a threat, from a board member in the midst of a board meeting.   “If she doesn’t produce in a year, she’s out of here.”   Thirty seconds. Sixty seconds.   Silence hung in the room like fog at dawn.   I was beginning my third job with a nonprofit. The first two positions were highly-sought-after spots with low-pay and high-perks. … Read more »

Why profitable fundraising communications are the work of specialists, not generalists … and why a standard-issue, untrained university marcomms department will almost certainly fail to deliver strong results when given a fundraising assignment which depends on an effective call to action

This just in: A fundraising copywriter at a prestigious university now faces a change in her chain of command. The university’s new brooms don’t see why fundraising should have its own dedicated writer. In an org. chart maneuver that absolutely makes sense on paper, they want her to go back into the pool, to work inside the marketing communications group (a.k.a., marcomms). She asked… Read more »