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The San Antonio Public Library Foundation Welcomes a New Executive Director!

The San Antonio Public Library Foundation (SAPLF) Board of Directors and staff welcome their new Executive Director, Amy Hone to the organization. Hone succeeds Interim Executive Director Tim Plant, who in turn succeeded long term President/CEO Tracey Bennett.  Hone will lead the SAPLF efforts in support of the San Antonio Public Library system, working to strengthen libraries in service to the community. The SAPLF… Read more »

Make the Move! Tips for Migrating Your In-Person Event Online

It has been an unprecedented few weeks. The impact of Covid-19 has taken many of us by surprise—with a serious ripple effect for nonprofits with plans for in-person conferences and trainings. As you contemplate the scary scenario of transitioning quickly to an online venue, you may be experiencing your own version of Nightmare on Elm Street (for those who miss the reference, the victims… Read more »