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Laugh more, lead better – OMG this is so good! Serious!

Naomi Bagdonas and Connor Diemand-Yauman, lecturers at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, hilariously explore the power at the intersection of humor, business, and leadership. It’s no joke. JRB says: Eeyore be gone!

The preeminent happiness researcher shares some surprising results on connecting well-being, mental health, and how employers can play a role in improving our lives at work

What makes an employee happy at work? According to Lord Richard Layard, it’s the same things that make people happy in their lives: a sense of belonging, social connections, and a purpose or meaning. Tera Allas, director of research and economics at the McKinsey Center for Government, asks Lord Layard what role employers can have in improving their workers’ lives in the face of present-day… Read more »

To innovate your way out of this downturn, you need to change behaviors and mindsets—starting at the very top.

My readers know that I believe that business provides so many great ideas for the nonprofit world. This article by McKinsey is an awesome example of how we can rise up out of the crisis that has plagued us for some time now, and fly high with new ideas and methods for success. And example, “Too much of most organizations’ time is spent on tracking and managing processes instead of the outcomes of those activities.” This is a must read for nonprofits with foresight.

International Women’s Day: Essential reads for 2021

The COVID-19 crisis and ensuing uncertainty has had an undeniable effect on women. Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, revisit highlights from our publishing as many #ChooseToChallenge issues that drive gender inequality. For even more on what matters, explore our special collection on diversity and inclusion, and stay tuned tomorrow for new perspectives on how to build a more equitable, inclusive workplace… Read more »

Leaders: It’s OK to not know everything

Recently, a CEO confided that the accelerated disruptions occurring in her industry, with the advent of new technologies, new entrants and new business models, were shaking her usual confidence. While an expert in her field, she was doubting her adaptability to the increasingly complex nature of the challenges leaders face today, from work to home life. She is far from alone. More and more,… Read more »

Successfully transitioning to new leadership roles

In Leading Organizations: Ten Timeless Truths (Bloomsbury Publishing, June 2017),1McKinsey senior partners Scott Keller and Mary Meaney address the ten basic issues facing leaders: attracting and retaining talent, developing current talent, managing performance, creating leadership teams, making decisions, reorganizing to capture value quickly, reducing long-term overhead costs, making culture a competitive advantage, leading transformational change, and transitioning to new leadership roles. “Attracting and retaining… Read more »