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Are you A THING worth saving?

A community foundation boss of note (hey, Neil!) recently tossed this question into my email in-box:   What do you think of a fundraising appeal that has the headline….”Help (name of org) survive” I have always been of the opinion that this is not good practice. That donors want to be inspired to help people and meet needs, provide something new and exciting, support… Read more »

Some Say Fundraising Is Just Sales: They’re Wrong!

Early in my 30-plus year career in the philanthropic arena, I was looking for a major gifts officer for a reproductive health clinic in Los Angeles. Of the many résumés I received, one was from a candidate with ten years of solid experience—but for eight of those ten years, he worked for religious charities that opposed the values held by my organization. Within the… Read more »

Social Media Audits – Setting Your Social Media Strategy

Are you engaging your followers on social media? Find out how to analyze your performance and strategy at our Social Media Audits: Setting Your Social Media Strategy workshop on Tuesday, May 22. Ever wonder how organizations like yours seem to be generating more attention or whether your new Instagram strategy really works? Learn how to perform a routine social media audit to find out. … Read more »