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IEAS Animal Update: Titan and Kimberly

Animal Update FeaturingTitan and Kimberly Titan, a former circus tiger has called IEAS home since 2011. The 13 year old spent time with a traveling circus until he stopped listening to his trainer. As the circus passed through town, we received a call that they no longer wanted him. The circus was leaving later that same day, so we had to very quickly retrieve… Read more »

Saved his life – Help give a young grizzly a home 🐻 and YOU can have the opportunity to name him

Please. Look at this sweet young bear. That face! Please help the IEAS welcome their newest resident, a young grizzly bear. Through no fault of his own, this poor guy was in need of a permanent home or else he faced euthanasia. We couldn’t allow that to happen. After many phone calls and a trip that exceeded 24 hours, he is now at his forever home. Now that he has been saved from such a terrible fate, help us with renovating a place for him to stay permanently. What a lucky young bear.