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I asked Beth: Beth Beall is the unflagging ED [NOT easy] @ Vida Joven, an orphanage located in Tijuana, Mexico (murder capital of the world per capita, 2019

Vida Joven in a nutshell? Misery-central @ intake: abandoned kids living unprotected on the streets. Yet most Vida Joven orphans eventually go to college (yay!) … overcoming multiple traumas en route. If I had to pick just one charity to give to (of the 3 dozen we DO give to) … it would be Vida Joven. Huge impact on those served? CHECK!An unimaginably tough… Read more »

Breaking the Nonprofit Financial Glass Ceiling

The fact is that a financial glass ceiling exists for nonprofits — a limit, which many nonprofits hit, where the money just won’t grow. They may have a great solution to a social problem, but they are unable to attract the money necessary to deliver on that solution. I see this all the time in my consulting practice. A nonprofit has existed at a certain budget level — let’s say $1.5 million — for years and years, and though they have big ideas for how much more they could be doing, they just can’t seem to get past that $1.5 million mark.