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New Report Finds Many Families with Children Are Depressed, Uninsured, Hungry and at Risk of Foreclosure or Eviction

Families require an immediate policy response to meet the needs of children during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left millions struggling with finances, school, work and mental health, according to a new policy report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a decades-long advocate for young people in America. In Kids, Families and COVID-19: Pandemic Pain Points and the Urgent Need to Respond, a 50-state… Read more »

Surprise! MacMacKenzie Scott Announces $50 Million Gift to Prairie View A&M University

Ruth J. Simmons, President of Prairie View, commented, “This is a historic gift for Prairie View, coming at a time when the University had already decided and begun to invest heavily in key areas to strengthen its academic programs and improve student success. The timing of this gift could, therefore, not be better.”

Citi Foundation awards $15 million to CDFIs for COVID relief

The Citi Foundation has announced grants totaling $15 million to thirty community development financial institutions (CDFIs) working to provide small businesses with the resources needed to sustain their operations and support economically vulnerable households impacted by COVID-19.  The recipients, each of whom will receive $500,000 in unrestricted funding, include the Accion Opportunity Fund, a global nonprofit committed to giving people the financial tools they need to improve their… Read more »

Last Day for The Caring Place to accept phone in requests for Wilco Forward Funds is December 11th at 4 p.m.

Last Day for The Caring Place to accept phone in requests for Wilco Forward Funds is December 11th at 4 p.m. Georgetown, TX ​The Williamson County Wilco Forward Phase III grant program which ​provides rent and utility assistance to residents impacted by COVID-19 that are in need through December has an impending deadline. In the Caring Place’s effort to adequately process eligible applications before… Read more »

Texas Women’s Foundation distributes $1.4 Million through its Resilience Fund to most vulnerable Women and Families during Pandemic

In April 2020, Texas Women’s Foundation established the Resilience Fund to provide immediate, mid- and long-term support to women, girls and families most affected by the COVID-19 economic and community health crisis. With $1.4 million raised and granted, the Resilience Fund is impacting lives of many, especially women of color, who have been the hardest hit this year. During this season of giving, the Foundation is asking the community to donate to the Resilience Fund to assist the many women and families who are struggling: www.txwf.org/texas-womens-foundation-establishes-resilience-fund/

New CEP Research Examines How Foundations Are Responding to 2020’s Crises

Amid 2020’s unprecedented challenges, the myriad calls for funders to make fundamental changes in how they approach their work have grown in number and intensity. How are foundations responding to the compounded crises facing our country? What high-level changes are they actually making? CEP turned to foundation leaders to find out. We share what we learned today in a new study: Foundations Respond to Crisis:… Read more »

The amazing way that West Virginia philanthropic groups work to dull Covid’s impact

A spring campaign that raised more than half a million dollars is just one way West Virginia’s philanthropic community is trying to help the state’s residents weather the storm of COVID-19. The results of May’s Take 5 to Give 5 campaign were discussed at a virtual press conference Thursday hosted by Philanthropy West Virginia to highlight the efforts and ongoing needs. “It just proves… Read more »

Overcoming pandemic fatigue: How to reenergize organizations for the long run

Pandemic fatigue: it’s plaguing organizations and employees right now. In 2020, we’ve endured a global pandemic, a massive economic crisis, and widespread social unrest. Layer on top of that forces that are fundamentally reshaping societies—technological innovation, business-model disruption, societal inequality, and workforce automation—and it’s clear that an epidemic of stress has been building, with the COVID-19 crisis as the tipping point.

$1 Billion for a Green and Equitable Recovery

As a doctor, every time I read the statistics, I know that this pandemic doesn’t need to be this bad for so many people. The grocery store worker who stocks my local shelves is more likely to die from this disease than I am.  Why?  Because he is more likely to have no access to affordable healthcare or nutritious, healthy food which causes his… Read more »

Nonprofits Led by People of Color Confront COVID-19 and Structural Racism

This Executive Summary provides a sampling of the data and findings from On the Frontlines: Nonprofits Led by People of Color Confront COVID-19 and Structural Racism based on data collected from a survey of over 400 nonprofit executive directors and CEOs of color from across the United States. These leaders answered questions about the effects of COVID-19 on their communities, organizations and themselves, and… Read more »