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Lawsuit filed against the federal government, Starr County over family separation jail death

The Texas Civil Rights Project and the Escamilla Law Firm filed a lawsuit against the federal government and Starr County in South Texas over the wrongful death of Marco Antonio Muñoz in the county jail after he was separated from his child due to the zero-tolerance policy. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of Mr. Muñoz’s wife and two-children.  Mr. Muñoz came to the… Read more »

MUST READ: Case Foundation study shows how Americans aged 18-30 are influenced to care about and act on major movements and social issues

The research, based on a nationally representative sample of 1,100 young people surveyed in August, provides intriguing insights into the lives and thinking of Young Americans, including the key role television news plays in informing this young generation about social issues, their high intention to vote in the November midterm elections, and their feelings about social issues and the direction of the country.