Program Manager

Texas Conservation Corps at American YouthWorks - Houston

Job Type: Administration
Closing date: 05/01/2018

Texas Conservation Corps (TxCC) empowers young adults through conservation, education, service, and jobs training. Program participants engage in hands-on, skill-based projects on public lands, coastal regions, and disaster areas. While successfully educating and training the next generation of leaders in the field, TxCC engages young people as a powerful resource in the conservation of natural landscapes in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

The Houston Program Manager is responsible for coordinating and supporting all aspects of the Houston program’s operation, development, and expansion. Program Manager will develop and maintain project partnerships, facilitate AmeriCorps grant compliance, and support administrative needs for field operations in order to implement and maintain quality, safe, highly effective operational programming.

The Houston Operating Site encompasses our Coastal Crews, Youth Crews, Harvey Strike Teams, and our new Clean & Green program. 

  1. Coastal Crews – our Adult AmeriCorps crews that operate year round, perform habitat restoration projects throughout the region
  2. Youth Crews – one crew of 17-20 year olds that work Monday-Friday during the summer, AmeriCorps
  3. Harvey Strike Teams – new program, will have two 5-person crews rebuild homes affected by Hurricane Harvey
  4. Clean & Green – In partnership with the Harris Count DA’s office, first time offenders will have the option to work with us for a day+ in order to not have a charge go on their permanent record



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Samantha Alcozer