Executive Director

Hill Country Arts Foundation - Ingram

Job Type: Arts and Culture
Closing date: 11/24/2018

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: It is the duty and responsibility of the Executive Director to manage and direct the Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF) staff and programs in accordance with the policies and by-laws as set forth within the HCAF Charter as supervised by the Board of Directors. In addition, the Executive Director shall carry out the mission statement of the HCAF. QUALIFICATIONS
• Bachelor’s Degree
• Demonstrable appreciation for both the visual and performing arts
• Five years successful management experience with a strong working knowledge of financial statements and computer software
• Demonstrate fundraising ability
• Effective oral and written communication skills
• Self-starter with a strong work ethic
• An innovator open to new ideas
• Prior non-profit experience is preferred, but not necessary
• Excellent prior employment references
• Leads and motivates others effectively GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES
• Development of operating budgets which are subject to board approval
• Oversee the compilation of financial and operations reports
• Maintain adequate cash flow in order to ensure the financial solvency of the HCAF
• Responsible for the security of grounds and property
• Public relations and publicity
• Annual evaluation of staff performance
• Promotion of the HCAF and its programs on a local and regional level
• Attend any standing committee meetings as well as board meetings, and be prepared to report to those committees as needed
• Maintain an atmosphere conducive to creativity and cooperation
• Any other duties as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors
• Negotiate and initiate contracts
• Hire and supervise the HCAF staff as authorized by the Board of Directors
• Ensure that personnel are properly trained to efficiently perform their assigned job duties
• Conduct staff meetings to help maintain open lines of communication between staff and management
• Meet informally with individual staff members as needed for effective communication
• Maintain and update operational policies and procedures as needed
• Motivate, lead, and support staff to enable them to perform their jobs effectively
• Develop the annual operating budget
• Ensure that adequate financial controls are in place to monitor income and expenses on a daily, monthly and annual basis
• Approve all expenditures, maintain updated signature cards for HCAF accounts and operating expenses
• Seek and report to the Board opportunities to reduce expenses and improve revenues
• Seek new programming initiatives to enhance revenues from existing programs
• Initiate and manage contracts on an “as needed” basis.
• Be familiar with Best Practices in non-profit fundraising
• Work with Board to plan and implement the annual membership campaign
• Direct annual season ticket sales to ensure maximum market penetration
• Prepare requests for monetary grants for HCAF capital improvements, programs or initiatives as directed by the Board
• Identify and solicit individuals, foundations and corporations which would be willing to contribute to the financial wellbeing of the HCAF
• Plan and implement fundraising and donor recognition events
• Promote HCAF programs to community organizations
• Establish and maintain procedures that will ensure the safekeeping of all HCAF records in accordance with industry standards
• Maintain proper systems within the box office in order to efficiently handle reservations, ticket sales and course registrations
• Ensure that a balance is maintained between administrative resources provided to the Performing Arts and Visual Arts programs of the Foundation
• Contract administration for HCAF Restaurant and special events; such as, Texas Arts and Crafts Fair, musical concerts, etc.
• Ensure facilities and grounds are maintained to acceptable community standards
• Maintain operational procedures in order to ensure the preventative maintenance of buildings, fixtures, equipment and systems to obtain maximum service life of the investment
• Provide for the security of ground and property and maintain acceptable safety guidelines to ensure the comfort and safety of customers and employees while on HCAF property
• Demonstrated ability to recruit, motivate and employ volunteers in meaningful tasks
• Display interpersonal and communication skills appropriate for managing volunteers
• Familiarity with Best Practices in managing non-profit volunteer organizations

  • : Hill Country Arts Foundation
  • : 11/24/2018
  • : Rosanne Thrall
  • : rosanne@hcaf.com
  • : 8303675121
  • : http://www.hcaf.com/

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