San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired - San Antonio

Job Type: Executive Management
Closing date: 02/01/2021

San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired

Chief Executive Officer Position Description

Position Summary

The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  The CEO is responsible for the successful leadership of an organization that has been operating and supporting the blind community in San Antonio and the surrounding areas since 1933.  The Lighthouse, which operates one of the largest manufacturing operations in San Antonio and 14 military supply stores on 11 bases across New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, employs more than 500 people (50% of whom are blind), and provided over 18,000 services to more than 7,000 clients who are blind or severely vision-impaired in 2019.  The Lighthouse leadership, staff and volunteers are regularly recognized for excellence and commitment locally, regionally and nationally and are strong supporters of the non-profit community throughout San Antonio.

As the face and leader of an organization  with deep roots in the San Antonio community as well as the national blind and vision-impaired service delivery and support community, the CEO will provide oversight to ensure appropriate planning, implementation and evaluation of the organization’s manufacturing operations, programs and services in alignment with the strategic direction established by the Board of Directors.  Likewise, the CEO will maintain, enhance and extend positive and strong working relationships and collaborative arrangements with community stakeholders and other organizations to help achieve the goals of The Lighthouse.  The CEO will demonstrate consistent commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity, promoting a culture that reflects the organization’s values and optimizing individual and team high-value performance.

The Chief Executive Officer will have the following personal characteristics and demonstrated competencies:

  • Demonstrated leadership abilities with knowledge of contemporary people and culture management (human resources), financial acumen, problem identification and solution implementation, and project management related to non-profit organizations
  • A keen and practiced strategic thinker with a global view focused on impacts and opportunities that can affect local operations and objectives
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to be flexible and versatile in an evolving work environment, supporting development of new and innovative methods for improving operations and service delivery
  • An effective communicator on multiple platforms who inspires others in authentic ways and connects and engages with diverse groups and individuals
  • A skilled organizer, setting priorities and targets, monitoring milestones and interpreting complex information
  • Familiar with current community challenges and opportunities and possess a full understanding of all federal and state legislation and regulations associated with programming for the blind, employment of the blind and vision-impaired, sales of products produced by the blind and vision-impaired, and related DOD regulations, requirements and expectations.


  • Undergraduate degree in business, engineering or related field required. Advanced degree in business preferred.
  • Minimum of 10 years of progressive management and leadership experience in medium to large non-profit organizations including serving in one or more senior leadership positions and/or equivalent experience in a for profit organization with experience serving on and interfacing with boards of directors for non-profit and/or for-profit organizations
  • Familiar with government and military interfaces and processes
  • Track record of leadership in external service organizations
  • Experience in fundraising and donor contact

Duties and Responsibilities of the Position


  • Participate with the Board in developing the vision and strategy to guide the organization
  • Serve as primary spokesperson for The Lighthouse, representing the organization throughout the community, enhancing The Lighthouse profile and maintaining and enhancing effective relationships with fellow agencies and the National Industries for the Blind
  • Actively engage in developing and growing direct reports, establishing succession objectives that will ensure the long-term success of The Lighthouse
  • Empower direct report team for success by delegating authority, responsibility and accountability while keeping his/her/their finger on the pulse of the organization
  • Have a continual grasp of the public policy issues impacting the organization and develop relationships with political influencers to be an effective advocate

Development of Funds

  • Retain the overall responsibility for fundraising
  • Engage with fundraising and events staff, volunteers, donors, foundations and Board Members in supporting and enhancing fundraising opportunities
  • Provide oversight for and input to grant applications

Operational Planning & Management

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, directives and legislation from applicable governing and regulatory bodies.
  • Continuously scan the landscape for emerging technological advances and regulatory changes to identify opportunities for and threats to The Lighthouse’s manufacturing business and initiate appropriate action
  • Implement organizational policies and ensure that effective day-to-day operations meet or exceed the expectations of Lighthouse stakeholders
  • Monitor program and service delivery to ensure high value and quality

People and Culture Management

  • Ensure the implementation of current human resources policies, procedures and practices that reflect The Lighthouse’s sustained commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the organization
  • Determine staffing requirements for optimum effectiveness and take necessary actions to retain, recruit and select staff with the appropriate skills, knowledge and abilities
  • Provide an exemplary culture that attracts and retains the best of talent

Financial Planning and Management

  • Ensure sound bookkeeping and accounting procedures and practices are followed and the organization complies with all local, state, and federal laws, rules and regulations
  • Administer the organization’s funds according to an approved budget and monitor cash flow
  • Maintain a constant finger on the overall financial pulse of the organization

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