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The eight trends that will define 2021–and beyond by Celia Huber and Kevin Sneader of McKinsey & Co

Crises tend to give rise to remarkable innovations and insights. Today is just such a moment, raising challenges to many long-held beliefs about how companies should operate. In this episode of the Inside the Strategy Roompodcast, McKinsey’s global leader Kevin Sneader talks with senior partner Celia Huber about the eight trends that will shape the post-COVID-19 economy, which he writes about in his recent article. Their conversation… Read more »

US and Mexico must work together on asylum, say Baker Institute experts

A strong, well-functioning Mexican asylum system is in the best interest of both Mexican and United States governments, but it requires increased coordination from both sides, according to the findings of a new study from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and the Refugee Solidarity Network. “A critical part of the asylum system is the broad network of Mexican civil society organizations (CSOs)… Read more »

The new digital edge: Rethinking strategy for the postpandemic era

Our latest survey confirms that the future will belong to companies that put technology at the center of their outlook, capabilities, and leadership mandate.

The Houston Endowment stands for the fundamental right of every eligible voter to cast their ballot.

The Houston Endowment echoes the conviction expressed by community and business leaders throughout the country3: “For American democracy to work for any of us, we must ensure the right to vote for all of us.” Last year our community came together to move us closer to this ideal. We still have work to do. Now is the time to continue that drive toward the highest standards of representative democracy.

The Salvation Army Celebrates the True Meaning of National Donut Day in Austin, Texas

Many Americans don’t know that National Donut Day actually has its roots in doing good. Celebrated on the first Friday in June, this sweet tradition dates back to World War I, when nearly 250 Salvation Army volunteers known as “Donut Lassies” traveled overseas to provide emotional and spiritual support as well as fried confections, supplies, and other services to troops on the front lines. The… Read more »

New Report Highlights Community Strategies to Address Housing Crisis in Central Texas

Housing Affordability in Austin, a new report commissioned by Austin Community Foundation, in partnership with JPMorgan Chase & Co., NI (formerly National Instruments Corp.) and St. David’s Foundation, calls attention to the need for philanthropic investment to address the region’s housing crisis and outlines potential funding strategies to produce, protect and preserve affordable housing in Central Texas. According to the report, Central Texas is… Read more »

Explore elephant Springs at the Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo’s Board of Directors and Executive Director are thrilled to introduce the Zoo’s newest habitat, Elephant Springs, which includes multiple lush, green spaces and various watering holes for Asian elephants and greater one-horned rhino to roam. “We are thrilled with these amazing new habitats and I must thank the citizens of Fort Worth, who continue to be so generous in their… Read more »

San Antonio Zoo to Become World’s First Bio-Domed Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo released images and announced a plan to create a bio-domes system over the entire zoological facility, which spans both sides of Highway 281. The zoo is calling these new features Zoo-Dome®. The zoo has been consulting industrial designers like Elon Musk and engineers worldwide to design these first-ever Zoo-Domes. The design was inspired by structures such as The Heydar Aliyev… Read more »

National Partnership to Reinvent Child Welfare Expands

Thriving Families, Safer Children: A National Commitment to Well-Being — a first-of-its-kind effort of the U.S. Children’s Bureau, Casey Family Programs, the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Prevent Child Abuse America — has expanded its reach to include child welfare jurisdictions in 22 states that stretch from coast to coast and a sovereign tribal nation. In announcing the addition of sites in 16 states,… Read more »

Top Racial Justice Movement Leaders Demand Largest Asset Managers Fulfill Racial Justice Commitments in Open Letter

Over 140 of the country’s top racial justice leaders and their allies are calling on the largest asset managers to uphold their 2020 commitments to racial equity. Leaders including Rashad Robinson, President of Color Of Change; Alicia Garza, Principal of Black to the Future Action Fund; Rev. William J. Barber II, President and Senior Lecturer at Repairers of the Breach; Derrick Johnson, President of… Read more »

Report on Youth Unemployment in the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic sparked extraordinary unemployment rates among youth, stemming from youth’s concentration in retail and hospitality jobs that were affected by mandates to contain the virus, along with youth’s inability to telework in these jobs. State-level data show that youth unemployment was particularly concentrated in parts of the country where states introduced stricter containment measures, and these measures had a greater influence on unemployment… Read more »

Because you are a nonprofit working hard to save the world, this article on Resilience is imperative for you to read

This is the fourth post in our “3 Things to Know” series, an explanation of concepts influencing community mental health and our grantmaking. Check out others in this series on Health Equity, Social Determinants of (Mental) Health, and Well-being. Resilience is critical to health and mental health interventions. So critical that major public health institutions have developed frameworks to provide clarity about its definition and its… Read more »

The 86th Texas Legislative Session kicked off

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE ACTION?   The 86th Texas Legislative Session kicked off today and CHILDREN AT RISK is ready to advocate for policies that improve the lives of Texas children. From access to quality child care to school finance, mental health support, and protections for human trafficking victims, Texas has a lot of work to do. Help us make Texas the best… Read more »

Life Review Did you know? People over 70 are still developing!

According to David Solie, a psychologist specializing in geriatric medicine, elderly people are on “a journey” unrecognized by most others, including their children and professional caregivers. Unrecognized is the part that breaks my heart. “Many of us look at members of our parents’ generation and see a diminished version of the vibrant people we once knew,” he writes in his book, How to Say It to Seniors.[1] “Surely they aren’t developing anymore, because we can see them declining right before our eyes.”

Bring this to Texas: Youth Take Constitutional Climate Lawsuit to the Alaska Supreme Court

Today, 16 young Alaskans filed their ​notice of appeal​ with the Alaska Supreme Court in their constitutional climate lawsuit, ​Sinnok v. State of Alaska​. The appeal comes just six days after the release of the Fourth National Climate Assessment, which reports in its ​Alaska chapter​ that climate change is already dangerously impacting the state. On October 30, Superior Court Judge Gregory Miller for the… Read more »

Global Leaders Call for Urgent Acceleration of Climate Adaptation Solutions

On the heels of one of the deadliest summers of climate-related weather disasters affecting countries all over the world, an unprecedented gathering of global leaders today launched the new Global Commission on Adaptation to catalyze a global movement to bring scale and speed to climate adaptation solutions. The Global Commission on Adaptation is led by Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations, Bill… Read more »

Overcoming the Divisiveness That Surrounds Us

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself worn down by the state of our country. The divisiveness, the anger, the coming apart instead of coming together is increasingly hard to take. And I know many of you feel the same. It seems that as time marches on we increasingly find ourselves battling the differences between each other, rather than recognizing that there is… Read more »

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support For 33 years, 24 hours a day, Genesis Women’s Shelter has been waiting with lights on and doors open to welcome women and children facing the greatest time of crisis they have ever known. Every year, we see nearly 2,500 women and children turn to Genesis as they make the brave decision to leave their former lives behind, taking… Read more »