Americans and Privacy: Concerned, Confused and Feeling Lack of Control Over Their Personal Information

Pew Research Center by Brooke Auxier, Lee Rainie, Monica Anderson, Andrew Perrin, Madhu Kumar and Erica Turner

Roughly six-in-ten Americans think their personal data is less secure now, that data collection poses more risks than benefits, and believe it is not possible to go through daily life without being tracked by companies and the government

Attend a nationally-recognized training program. In your own backyard. February 11-13, 2020

Fiscal Management Associates - FMA

For accounting and financial professionals working in a nonprofit organization, the Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) training provides a crash course in every aspect of nonprofit financial management. Program graduates leave with the know-how and action plans they need to make an impact in their organizations right away.

A Network that Really Works

Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center

The team saved Alexandria Project site 159 – Beehive – for a cold day. Those big holes above the rock art panel are full of bees! It’s better to invade the bees’ territory when they are chilled, lethargic and want to stay close to home. The crew finished the day’s documentation of the rock art without a single sting.

2020 Houston Artadia Fellowship


  2019 Houston Artadia Fellowship Exhibition in Lawndale’s 3rd Floor Hallway Space. Image courtesy of Nash Baker. Call for Applications: 2020 Artadia Fellowship Program   Last year, Artadia launched a new program to support immigrant and refugee artists working in Houston. We wanted to personally invite you to submit to their call for applications, open to all immigrant and refugee artists working in any medium, at any stage… Read more »

Health and Human Services grant to support ‘Strengthening Families’ program in Central Texas

Texas State University

Texas State University has received $1 million from the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families in support of the Strengthening Relationships/Strengthening Families (SR/SF) program.             SR/SF is a relationship education program for pregnant and parenting adolescents across Central Texas.             The funding is the final installment of a five-year, $5 million grant initially awarded in 2015 and… Read more »

An Invitation to Conserve Wild Things and Wild Places Today

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF)

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF) funds high-impact, meaningful projects that uniquely ensure Texans can enjoy our state’s wildlife, habitat and natural resources for generations to come. This wouldn’t be possible without you. TPWF members support our 95 state parks, 191,000 miles of rivers and streams, 4 million acres of coastal water, 649 bird species, more than 550 game wardens, over 1 million acres of… Read more »

A great read: The Power of Investing in People: 6 Lessons from the Detroit Innovation Fellowship

The Johnson Center & Pamela Lewis of the New Economy Initiative at the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

In 2017, my colleagues and I at the New Economy Initiative (NEI), an entrepreneurial development strategy of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, explored ideas to connect southeast Michigan’s innovation assets — universities, medical centers, tech startups, etc. — to community-minded Detroiters. Our hope was to leverage the expertise and resources of those assets to solve challenges residents were facing in their neighborhoods. After… Read more »

Reclaiming Civil Society

Stanford Social Innovation: Marshall Ganz & Art Reyes III

This very important article, published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2020 Issue, and is funded by the Ford Foundation as part of the Realizing Democracy project, speak to an increasingly shared understanding among policymakers, civil society leaders, and scholars that democracy reform today must address underlying systemic roots of exclusion and inequality. The ideas reflect the views of the authors solely. If you click into the link at the bottom of the article, you will find more important articles that will explain much of the phenomena that is going on in our country right now. Please read and share.

How to Cure Founder’s Syndrome

Blue Avocado - Karolyn Benger

Founders—the people who create nonprofits—are remarkable. They miss sleep to build websites, skip lunch to meet with potential donors or partners, and do whatever it takes to turn their dreams of a better world into reality, creating an organization in the process. They literally create something out of nothing with their drive and passion. Yet as nonprofits develop from start-up to adolescent, many founders… Read more »

Lawndale Announces the 2019-2020 Artist Studio Participants


Lawndale is pleased to announce the 2019/20 Artist Studio Program participants: collaborators Jacquelyne Boe and David Janesko; Gerardo Rosales; and Holly Veselka.   Established in 2006, the Lawndale Artist Studio Program offers residencies to Texas-based artists who are developing a practice in the visual and performing arts. Once selected, residents receive a monthly stipend, materials allowance, and 24-hour access to a private studio. Lawndale… Read more »

Marriage and Cohabitation in the U.S.

Pew Research Center

As more U.S. adults are delaying marriage – or forgoing it altogether – the share who have ever lived with an unmarried partner has been on the rise. Amid these changes, most Americans find cohabitation acceptable, even for couples who don’t plan to get married, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Even so, a narrow majority says society is better off if couples in long-term relationships eventually get married.

The circus-themed event raised more than $260,000 for TUTS education and community engagement programs

Theatre Under The Stars

On Thursday, Nov. 7, star of Netflix hit comedy Glow,Kevin Cahoon, dazzled attendees at the Theatre Under The Stars 2019 Education Celebration “The Greatest Show.” The circus-themed event raised more than $260,000 for TUTS education and community engagement programs. More than 280 guests were treated to intimate performances from Cahoon and the TUTS Inclusive Performance Troupe on the stage of Sarofim Hall at the… Read more »

Téa Obreht named Endowed Chair in Creative Writing at Texas State

Texas State University

Award-winning author Téa Obreht has been named the Texas State University Endowed Chair in Creative Writing for 2020-2021.             Obreht was born in Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia, and grew up in Cyprus and Egypt before eventually immigrating to the United States. Her debut novel, “The Tiger’s Wife,” won the 2011 Orange Prize for Fiction, and was a 2011 National Book Award finalist and an international… Read more »

You know what’s the easiest money your charity will EVER raise? BEQUESTS!

Tom Ahern

Right in front of us. Easy to do. And yet rarely done well. What’s WRONG with this picture? You know what’s the easiest money your charity will EVER raise? BEQUESTS! One little known fact about your website, though… “Website visitors spend 84% of their time above the fold, as this heat map shows” ~ Source: Ann Wylie, from Nielsen Norman, 2018 Where are you… Read more »

TPWF is kicking off a $9 million fundraising effort to amplify $12.5 million in state funds to open a new state park in North Texas. Palo Pinto Mountains State Park will come to life thanks to a partnership between public funding and a dedicated private fundraising campaign

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

Thanks to Texas voters and park supporters, Proposition 5 was approved with a resounding YES vote on Nov. 5! We want to thank each and every voter who cast a ballot to support state and local parks and historic sites. A big shout-out to State Senator Lois Kolkhorst and State Representative John Cyrier for championing the bill in the Legislature that put the measure… Read more »

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory Auction

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory & Volunteer Dinner

  Ready, Set, Bid! Experiences Auction Starts November 15th!   We are gathering together another set of unique experiences for you to bid on in November and support GCBO conservation programs. This year the auction will run from November 15 to December 6. The auction is ready to go and bidding will begin on November 15 but in the meantime you can check out… Read more »

National Institute of Justice grant seeks to improve understanding of age-related skeletal, dental traits

Texas State University

Texas State University has received a $785,000 grant from the National Institute of Justice to improve understanding of age-related skeletal and dental traits, which will aid in the identification of unknown human remains.             Kate Spradley, a professor of anthropology with the Forensic Anthropology Center (FACTS) at Texas State, is co-principal investigator on the project, “Subadult ancestry estimation using craniometrics, macromorphoscopics, odontometrics and dental… Read more »

Narcotics traffic devastating Central American rainforests, fueling climate change

Texas State University

Drug trafficking and, paradoxically, efforts to slow it are rapidly driving the deforestation in Central America’s most vulnerable tropical rainforests, new research conducted in part by Texas State University reveals.             The research was release in three major studies Oct. 8 at the Pre-COP, an event sponsored by the Government of Costa Rica in the lead up to the Conference of the Parties to… Read more »