New report from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute finds Americans embraced expansive forms of giving during early months of pandemic

Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

A new report from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI), COVID-19, Generosity, and Gender: How Giving Changed During the Early Months of a Global Pandemic, explores how men and women gave in response to the pandemic and how their overall giving changed in spring 2020. The findings signal the growing prevalence of new, more expansive forms of philanthropy. The report, which is funded by a… Read more »

Texas Commission on the Arts Announces Over $12.9 Million in Grants across

Texas Commission on the Arts

The Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) has approved funding of 790 grants in its first funding round for fiscal year 2021. The grants total over $12.9 million and will go to nonprofits and units of government in 93 Texas cities. These grants include the Arts Create program, which provides operational support to established arts organizations; the Cultural District Project program; the first of… Read more »

League of Women Voters of Texas are no longer allowed to leave Voter Registration cards in Post Offices

Ashley Lopez, KUT

These are strange days full of gaslighting and lies and shameful behavior. TXNP is going to spend the next few months shedding light on those who misbehave in the shadows. Today we are leaning that “Officials with the nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Texas say their volunteers are no longer allowed to leave voter registration forms at U.S. post offices. It started late last week.”

Coronavirus Economic Downturn Has Hit Latinos Especially Hard

Jens Manuel Krogstad and Mark Hugo Lopez of the Pew Research Center

The coronavirus outbreak has significantly harmed the finances of U.S. Hispanics. As the nation’s economy contracted at a record rate in recent months, the group’s unemployment rate rose sharply, particularly among Hispanic women, and remains higher among Hispanic workers than U.S. workers overall. With Hispanic households absorbing lost jobs and wages, many have said they may not be able to pay their bills. Yet even before the outbreak, Hispanics were concerned about their economic situation despite near record low levels of unemployment through the end of 2019.

Grants Respond to the Need for Flexible Funding Strengthening Social Safety Nets in the Wake of COVID-19

St. David's Foundation

As COVID-19 continues to impact the world at an increasingly distressing rate, we continue to navigate the short- and long-term road ahead. The pandemic has unleashed a unique and complicated set of challenges for organizations of all types – from nonprofits and government entities to local businesses and multinational corporations. Across the globe, and here in Central Texas, we have been required to rethink… Read more »

Ascendium Announces $10 Million Pandemic Grant Initiative: Maintain Momentum for Student Success


Ascendium Education Group is announcing the first two grants of a $10 million initiative to allow postsecondary education networks and membership organizations to continue engaging their members in reform work amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 health crisis. The Maintain Momentum for Student Success Initiative will allow networks and membership organizations leading the student success movement to offer discounted dues to their member… Read more »

Jesuit Dallas Makes A Splash In Securing The Largest Gift In School History

Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas (Jesuit Dallas)

Honoring the memory of her late husband, Rachel Segal has committed the largest gift in the 78-year history of Jesuit Dallas as the single donor in the construction of the David A. Segal Family Aquatic Center. The 29,000-square foot state-of-the-art natatorium, which has been made possible thanks to Segal’s $17 million gift to the School, is scheduled to open in spring 2021. “Jesuit is… Read more »

Save the Date! Sept. 18 2020 Human Trafficking Summit


2020 Human Trafficking Summit will explore the role of demand, present never before seen data on Texas buyers, and bring advocates and survivors together to demand a better future for our children. You won’t want to miss this chance to hear from national experts such as the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and the EPIK Project, as well as a survivor panel featuring Rebekah Charleston and Marian Hatcher, moderated by the Director of the Office of the Texas Governor’s Child Sex Trafficking Team, Andrea Sparks.

Hellos and Goodbyes…and Porcupines

Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center

This year has prompted us all to focus on the things that matter most. For us, what means the most are the kind, supportive and talented people who make up our Shumla community – the staff, Board, friends, donors and volunteers. We love to include you in our work and fun, successes and struggles, discoveries and lessons. We love to hear from you too.… Read more »

18th Annual Black and Latino Playwrights Celebration goes virtual

Texas State University

A tribute to legendary playwright Gus Edwards will highlight the 18th annual Black and Latino Playwrights Celebration (BLPC) Aug. 31-Sept. 6 at Texas State University. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the BLPC will be held entirely online. Organized by the Department of Theatre and Dance, the BLPC features two plays selected for workshopping and staged readings after a nationwide call for submissions. The tribute… Read more »

Mental Health News

Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

The caregivers perspective: Coping with the loss of mental health and faith Hogg Foundation, August 18, 2020 Brianna Garrison, 2020 winner of the Frances Fowler Wallace Award, explores the contextual realities of dementia culture in the social networks of faith communities from the caregiver perspective. We recently talked with her about her research.          Hogg Foundation for Mental Health: Advocating for… Read more »

Pew Scholars Explore How the Human Body Responds to Stress

Kara Coleman & Jennifer Villa - Pew Charitable Trust

The global spread of COVID-19 has created circumstances that have led to increased levels of stress or anxiety for people everywhere. About one-third of Americans say they have experienced high levels of psychological distress while following social distancing guidelines, while data from other countries shows similar trends. The jarring shift to working and educating children from home, short- or long-term unemployment, increased social isolation,… Read more »

Bush Foundation Community Innovation Grants

Bush Foundation

This is a region with amazing strengths and tough challenges. The region’s success depends on how and how much the people in it work across differences to make big visions a reality.​ We need to think bigger and think differently about what is possible. We need to continuously develop and test ideas to solve problems and create opportunity. And we need to spread the… Read more »

San Antonio City Council Officially Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis

City of San Antonio

“This is just the first step to dismantling the engraved history of racism here in our city. We are building on those things that make us stronger together,” said Councilwoman Andrews-Sullivan. “This resolution speaks to inclusivity and unity. We must speak healing, progression and uplifting our communities. Even though it is a step in the right direction, it means nothing if it becomes a shelved document or not put into action. Now is the time to say to our residents that we not only hear you, but we are here to do the work.”

Are you A THING worth saving?

Tom Ahern

A community foundation boss of note (hey, Neil!) recently tossed this question into my email in-box:   What do you think of a fundraising appeal that has the headline….”Help (name of org) survive” I have always been of the opinion that this is not good practice. That donors want to be inspired to help people and meet needs, provide something new and exciting, support… Read more »

Poor, low-income people eager to vote as Poor People’s Campaign releases study on their power

Poor People's Campaign

First-time voters laid out why they’re casting a ballot this year as the Poor People’s Campaign released a groundbreaking study that shows the power of poor and low-income people to change the country with their voices and votes.  The report, titled “Unleashing the Power of Poor and Low-Income Americans: Changing the Political Landscape,” shows that just a small uptick in the number of poor… Read more »

REPORT: Gilded Giving 2020: How Wealth Inequality Distorts Philanthropy and Imperils Democracy

Institute for Policy Studies

Ten years ago, in August 2010, several dozen U.S. billionaires led by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett pledged to give away at least half of their wealth before their death. Many have donated considerable sums to charities and foundations since then. But as a group, these billionaires have seen their fortunes skyrocket in the decade since the so-called Giving Pledge was launched. The wealth… Read more »

National Parks to Get Long-Overdue Repairs – Enactment of the Great American Outdoors Act means improvements could begin as soon as October

Pew Research Center - Marcia Argust

Over the past 4 1/2 years, The Pew Charitable Trusts has collected and shared data about the numerous repairs needed throughout our country’s 100-year-old National Park System and worked with hundreds of local and regional organizations around the nation to share this information with policymakers. These case studies include national historic sites that have been closed to visitors because of structural and safety concerns,… Read more »

New funding opportunity: $2.7M in research funds available

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Access to quality health care is critical to ensuring all people can thrive, and that is especially true for vulnerable populations. Not all individuals are alike, and health systems must provide care equitably-providing services to at-risk populations, such as Medicaid-eligible individuals, according to their unique needs. In order to transform health system care and promote health equity for Medicaid-eligible individuals, the RWJF and Avalere… Read more »