The Social Responsibility Corporation

Since 2000, The Social Responsibility Corporation, through TexasNonprofits and Learning About
Learning, strengthens Texas communities by providing up-to- date data and other
resources and support via the Internet to help build stronger and bigger nonprofits that
can perform and operate professionally, efficiently, and with greater accountability. TXNP also
facilitates and encourages connections between charitable causes and potential


Jacqueline Beretta, the founder of TXNP, saw gaps in the marketplace – a technology
gap and a gap between donors and charitable causes. Considering that sharing
information might lead to solving big problems, Beretta decided to create a community
of shared values where people could tell success stories and build relationships that
would lead to greater participation in transformation of philanthropy inTexas.
TXNP.ORG was designed to fill these gaps, by delivering current and up to date
resource tools in a fast and efficient way to help make valuable connections between
donors and nonprofits.

TXNP began collecting information in the Spring of 2000 from a large
community of Texas nonprofits, philanthropists, and foundations to create a Web site for
the state’s nonprofit community.

The first-generation site was launched in April 2001. Subsequent updates to improve
the site were made in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009.

Learning About Learning

In February 2007 TXNP hosted it’s first event titled The “State” of Education in Texas.
About 200 educators, funders, corporations, and concerned citizens gathered to hear
Dr. Mike Moses, Dr. Bill Reaves, Dr. Steve Murdock, and Valleau Wilke speak on
current trends and needs in education in Texas. On February 7, 2008, the event was
called Learning About Learning and the theme was “Who owns the Challenge of
Keeping Our Children in School” and featured Tom Luce, Dr. Donald McAdams, Dr.
John Martin, Dr. N. Gerry House of New York, Dr. Ricardo Romo, Dr. Tracy Huebner of
San Francisco, Gillian Williams of New York, John Fitzpatrick, John Montford, Nancy
Reed, and Wenceslao Rodriguez.

In November, 2008 and January 2009 TXNP designed two events especially for the MR
and Evelyn Hudson Foundation in Keller addressing zero to five education for the
DFW/FW metroplex, featuring Dr. Bruce Perry, Gillian Williams, Dr. Ruby Payne, Ron
Clark, and Dr. T. Berry Brazelton.

2018 and a New Site

After many years of successfully delivering valuable information to the Texas nonprofit
Community, we polled many of our members to ask what services are most important to
their everyday success. With members in mind, we listened and designed a new and
simpler format to highlight jobs and information. Through the new site, the philanthropic
community will continue to support nonprofits with their search for employees through our Jobs Post; post relevant information
including: news, events, publicity, announcements, and celebrate grants received; and share best practice concepts throughout the sector.