Philanthroforce helps nonprofits find the right consultant

Sean Hale

A new, Texas-based website now helps nonprofits to find the right consultant for their special projects. launched in February to fill a need nobody else has addressed.

“Even though we have 100s of talented consultants in our state, most nonprofits can’t find them,” explains co-founder Sean Hale.  “So if someone needs a skilled meeting facilitator, for example, they might only get their choice of one or two.  We want them to find the best possible match: more than a facilitator, but someone with a strong affinity for their mission and other relevant skills.  You only get that when you have dozens to choose from.”

Texas capacity building foundations see the value and are getting involved.  “For years, most San Antonio nonprofits have depended on word of mouth to find consultants.  A few have also accessed sort lists like the one kept by our foundation, but they are limited and hard to keep current,” explains María Fernández of the H.E.Butt Foundation.  “This creates less than ideal results for both consultants and our nonprofit partners.  Philanthroforce meets that need.”

Its free for nonprofits to access Philanthroforce’s 300+ specialists covering 60+ specialties.  “We built Philanthroforce based on our experience as nonprofit staff, nonprofit board members, and nonprofit consultants,” says co-founder Sean Ramsey.  “That experience has allowed us to craft an experience for nonprofits that is user-friendly and fine-tuned to how nonprofits work.  For example, they can quickly use the robust search engine to narrow their search by a dozen different criteria including specialty, language, and years of experience.”

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