The Parvin Group, White Rhino Coffee donate $50,000 to OurCalling to support the homeless during the winter storm

The Parvin Group

The Parvin Group (TPG), parent company to White Rhino Coffee, Parvin Law Group, Trinity Abstract and Title, Co., and Parvin Properties, announced a partnership with Dallas-based homeless ministry, OurCalling.

To kick off the partnership, TPG donated $50,000 to support OurCalling’s amazing work with the growing Dallas homeless population and to help address the devastating effects this week’s weather has had on our homeless friends’ health and safety.   TPG will continue to make monthly on-going contributions to OurCalling to address future needs, and employees will be encouraged to volunteer with the organization. 

Serving others is at the heart of TPG’s culture.  “Part of our company’s mission is to give to back to the Kingdom of God and make the world a better place” said Christopher Parvin, TPG Founder and CEO.  “My heart aches for those who do not have food and shelter in these tremendously difficult times, and when we saw the amazing work that OurCalling is doing every day in our community, I knew we had to help.” 

The help did not stop with the initial donation.  The team at TPG delivered 30 gallons of White Rhino Coffee to fuel the volunteers, and enlisted the help of another partner charity, Runners Refuge, and its founder John Stout, to leverage their mobile kitchen to cook four meals for the homeless.  Thanks to donations from John Houston Custom Homes, The Oaks Church and Christopher & Toni Parvin, the cost of the meals was covered fully.  In addition, several TPG employees have volunteered at the Convention Center and out on the streets with the OurCalling Search and Rescue team.

“Caring and connecting is very important to us, because this is how we minister to our homeless friends,” said Walker. “The Parvin Group has cared through giving sacrificially,  and they connected us to their friends. This is what generosity is supposed to look like.” 

We encourage all of our North Texas neighbors to help if you can. Your donations will help during this crisis and beyond, as OurCalling and other homeless agencies continue working around the clock to help get our most vulnerable neighbors off the streets and into semi-permanent and permanent shelter.  You can donate by going to

The Parvin Group is a privately held group of four Dallas, TX based companies: White Rhino Coffee, The Parvin Law Group, Parvin Properties and TPG Trinity Abstract & Title, Co.  The company is driven by a mission to “create profitably growing companies so that we can give back to the Kingdom of God, make the world a better place, and enrich our employees’ lives.”  The Parvin Group of companies, and its founders Chris and Toni Parvin, donate more than $1 million annually to charitable causes to help those most in need in our communities and beyond. 

OurCalling is a faith-based, daytime outreach center for the unsheltered homeless. Located south of Downtown Dallas, the nonprofit opened its new center spring 2017 and currently serves more than 400 homeless men and women a day. OurCalling also offers various unique and first-of-its-kind services to Dallas’ homeless population, including zero-barrier entry (no ID required), private locking shower rooms, publicly accessible toilets, and laundry services (provided by staff and volunteers). The center also has private counseling rooms, classrooms, a worship center and, most importantly, space for training, educating, collaborating and investing in long-term change, including exiting homelessness and abusive situations. Each day, OurCalling encounters victims of sex trafficking, drug trafficking, labor trafficking, and domestic violence. The center brings in services provided by community partners such as Parkland, North Texas Food Bank, the Veterans Association, Dallas County Housing, ID Services, Metrocare and CitySquare. Learn more at

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