Houston Endowment has awarded $20 Million to local organizations working to achieve racial equity and social justice in Houston

Houston Endowment

In June 2020, the Houston Endowment Board of Directors and staff issued a statement in solidarity with the Black community and committed to tangible actions toward becoming an anti-racist community. These actions include deepening our engagement and investment in communities and local leaders of color, and lifting up organizations that are currently driving this work. Today we are announcing an initial infusion of resources into local organizations across five areas.

  • Policy & Advocacy: Local, grassroots organizations, community-centered researchers, and local academic institutions addressing systems-level issues disproportionately impacting Black communities.
  • Strong Communities: Collaborative, community-based organizations focused on connecting residents to services; confronting racism and other forms of hate, and neighborhood-level change for Black communities.
  • Arts, Culture, and History: Black historical, cultural, and civic institutions that have a longstanding relationship with the Black Community in the Houston region.
  • Education: Organizations that center Black youth in their design and programming and are actively participating in collaborative community-wide efforts.
  • Strong Families and Children: Organizations providing support to ensure a strong social safety net for children and their families.

“All Houstonians should have the opportunity to thrive. We recognize that it will require long-term commitment to achieve the anti-racist society we envision. With this initial round of grants, we hope to amplify Black voices in the community and provide needed resources to organizations that are carrying out this work today.” said Ann Stern, CEO & President.

The organizations receiving funds are addressing anti-Black racism and systemic injustices in our city. They include both existing partners and those identified by Houston Endowment through Black leaders, organizers, and advocates who have earned the trust of the communities they serve. With these funds, we have sought to honor, recognize, and support historic Black institutions that have served as landmarks in the struggle for Black liberation, while also supporting new and emerging Black voices that will deepen our understanding of the issues facing Black communities and helping to move the work of social justice and racial equity forward.

“Change will only come when we truly hear each other’s voices. We are inspired by these extraordinary organizations and leaders and the work they do every day to bring forth meaningful change in our community,” added Stern.

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