Make it Count: Voting as Art 🗳️

McNay Art Museum

In 1967, artist Robert Indiana produced these designs to inform costumes and stage sets for a production of The Mother of Us All, a Virgil Thomson and Gertrude Stein opera. The production was revived with Indiana’s designs at the Santa Fe Opera to celebrate the United States Bicentennial in 1976. The opera chronicles the life of Susan B. Anthony and portrays the fight for women’s suffrage in the United States. 2020 marks the 100-year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Constitutional amendment, which legally secured the right to vote for women. This amendment was a major step towards the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which more directly combatted voter suppression of marginalized groups.
In these hand-cut paper artworks, Indiana utilized the same saturated colors and simplified geometries of his paintings and sculptures. Sharing Gertrude Stein’s love for language, and reinforcing his pursuit of an American essence in art, Indiana used his characteristic stencil-like lettering to decorate the costumes, props, and stage sets that illuminate The Mother of Us All.

When you visit Robert Indiana: A Legacy of Lovethrough January 24, 2021, you will find a collection of interactive prompts. Text “VOTE” to 830-468-9600 and you will receive a poem on the theme of voting. This interactive activity is provided in collaboration with Gemini Ink.
Virtual Field Trip: Service
November 4, Noon

Meet up virtually and chat with other art observers! In this session we’ll discuss:

Robert Indiana, Decade Autoportrait 1961, 1972–77; Mel Casas, Humanscape 38, ca. 1967–1977; and Roy Lichtenstein, Girl in Window (Study for World’s Fair Mural), 1963 

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Virtual Field Trip with Kimbell Art Museum: Music
November 11, Noon

Meet up virtually and chat with other art observers! This program is FREE. In this session we’ll discuss:

From McNay Art Museum: Judy Baca, Danza de la Tierra, 2009

From Kimbell Art Museum: Louis Le Nain, Peasant Interor with an Old Flute Player, c. 1642

Feathers of Tradition: Virtual Poetry Workshop with Andrea Vocab Sanderson
November 12, 4 PM

Follow along with San Antonio Poet Laureate Andrea Vocab Sanderson as she leads a poetry workshop rooted in traditions, storytelling, and gratitude.

This workshop is FREE and open to all ages. Supplies needed from home include paper and markers, pens, or crayons.

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