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This is a region with amazing strengths and tough challenges. The region’s success depends on how and how much the people in it work across differences to make big visions a reality.​

We need to think bigger and think differently about what is possible. We need to continuously develop and test ideas to solve problems and create opportunity. And we need to spread the best ideas across organizations and communities to increase impact. That is the purpose of Community Innovation grants.

Community Innovation grants fund the most promising ideas to change communities and systems.

Community Innovation grants are meant to be transformation capital. They are an investment in an equitable future where every person has the opportunities and the support they need to thrive.

The Bush Foundation provides Community Innovation grants of $10,000 to $200,000. Grants under $20,000 are available from our intermediary partner organizations.


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Community Innovation grants invest in great ideas and the people who power them. The grants support organizations coming together to solve community challenges.

The grants are flexible in a lot of ways. They can be used to develop new ideas, test ones you’ve already imagined, or spread proven ideas for more impact.

We are open to considering ideas on a range of issues, with an eye toward whether they could have truly transformative impact. We are looking for the ideas with the greatest potential to make the region better for everyone. The idea can be big in scale from the start or one that is starting small and could grow and spread.

We know that change happens through people. We are interested in ideas that inspire, equip, and connect people to lead change.

We prioritize ideas that will make the region more equitable in opportunities and outcomes, especially for Black people, Indigenous people, people of color and/or people from rural communities.

If you have a great idea, our staff is happy to talk with you about whether your idea is likely to be a strong fit.


This is a time of unprecedented community need and we are adapting Community Innovation grants to respond. 

We streamlined the application with fewer, simpler questions. We made our selection criteria simpler and more focused on impact and equity. We are prioritizing and expediting proposals that address critical and urgent community challenges. 

We will consider every proposal in the context of this moment, when needs related to COVID-19 are profound and the uprisings following the murder of George Floyd have focused greater energy and attention on addressing racism in people and institutions. We know there is creative problem solving happening in this moment and we want to be as available and supportive as possible.

Learn more about eligibility, selection criteria, how to apply, and the selection process at https://www.bushfoundation.org/community-innovation-grants

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