Makes me want to cry. While a small percentage are receiving 2/3 of total benefits, jobs are disappearing, Covid-19 is spreading, and Texas state politicians are planning on cutting funding for women’s health, Early childhood Interventions, health insurance, SNAP food stamps, and so on . . .

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This is the Worst Time Imaginable for State Leaders to Cut Health and Other Services — So Let’s Fight Back! 
Texas families are hurting. Jobs are disappearing. Our uninsured rate is rising. Our mental health is suffering. COVID-19 is spreading.
Yet state leaders are considering making things even worse by cutting women’s health, Early Childhood Intervention, and support for signing kids up for health insurance and SNAP food stamps. We need to fight back.
As they contemplate these cuts and look ahead to budget decisions in the next legislative session, we need to deliver the message that — now more than ever — Texans need our state leaders to fully fund critical services. Remember, they have options for addressing the state’s revenue shortfall, including using the Rainy Day Fund, pursuing federal funding, and exploring other revenue options.
Many observers believe the budget will be the biggest issue of the next legislative session. If we want to see a budget that reflects our priorities, we have to start right now by pushing back against the proposed cuts.
We Need Congress to Pass a Strong Coronavirus Relief Plan
One of the ways we can help prevent state cuts is by keeping the pressure on Congress to pass a strong coronavirus relief package.
That package should boost Medicaid funding, help child care providers financially survive the pandemic, provide funding to deal with states’ revenue shortfalls, and take other steps to support Texans who are hurting during these tough times.
The recent executive actions by the President fall far short of accomplishing those goals. Let’s keep the pressure on Congress to get the job done.
The Legislature Must Support Healthy Moms, Healthy Pregnancies, and Healthy Babies
At a time when state legislators are considering cuts to women’s health, we should be moving in the other direction and strengthening the state’s maternal and infant health policies.
These policies are important for fighting racial injustice, saving the state money, supporting infants’ and toddlers’ early brain development, and keeping moms and babies healthy — and alive.
Our recent maternal health policy brief goes into detail on these challenges and the steps state leaders can take. We also recently outlined where the state’s draft Strategic Plan on maternal depression reflects our research and recommendations and where it falls short.
Many — though not all — of the maternal health policy recommendations address the need to ensure more moms have access to health insurance, especially as the state’s uninsured rate goes from bad to worse during the pandemic. For more information, take a look at our recent post outlining the steps state leaders should take to reduce the uninsured rate and this post explaining why Texas should be the next state to accept Medicaid expansion funding from the federal government.
Looking Ahead to the Coming Months
The next few months will be critical for communicating to state leaders that during the next legislative session they should fully fund the services that Texans need during these hard times. What else is coming up?
Legislative committees are collecting comments on their interim charges. We’re gathering input on how to improve state strategies for early childhood English learners. DFPS will release its proposal for implementing the federal Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), a critical opportunity for Texas to invest in keeping kids safely out of foster care with their families and to improve foster care facilities. We’re working to ensure that student mental health is a priority in our schools. And we’ll keep pushing for state policies that support healthy infants, toddlers, and moms.
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