Increases in Food Insecurity due to COVID-19: What Can be Done?

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and UTHealth

Join us for part four of five of our webinar series “Our Food System and Food Insecurity During COVID-19: Stories from Across the State.” The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn extensive attention to the problem of food insecurity in the United States. Nevertheless, long before COVID-19, food insecurity has posed a grave challenge to tens of millions of Americans. In this presentation Dr. Gunderson will provide an overview of the food insecurity landscape pre-COVID-19 and how this is likely to change in the near-term. Fortunately, Dr. Gunderson then turns to a tool – the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) – that can be leveraged to substantially reduce the magnitude and consequences of food insecurity. Dr. van den Berg will also provide an update with current numbers on food insecurity, SNAP enrollment and changes in how low-income households are accessing food in Central Texas. Presented by: Craig Gunderson, PhD ACES Distinguished Professor, Director of Undergrad Studies, University of Illinois Alexandra van den Berg, PhD, MPH Professor of Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences, UTHealth School of Public Health in Austin

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  • Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and UTHealth