You can give a homeless child a bright start this academic year

Do you remember the excitement
of starting a new school year? 
You can give a homeless child a bright start this academic year.
On the first day of school, every child should be able to put on a crisp new outfit, slide their feet into shoes that fit, and grab a backpack stocked with the supplies they need to start their day. When they reach the classroom, they should have a pencil with a sharp point, a new eraser, and a notebook all their own, not one filled with the scribbles of an older sibling or pulled from a pile of used office supplies. But for children whose families are struggling with homelessness, this is usually not the case. 
Will you make a difference for a child in need? 
Last year, with the help of friends like you, 183 children whose families have experienced homelessness started the year with brand new clothing, shoes, lunch boxes, backpacks, and all the necessary school supplies, allowing them to focus on learning instead of being anxious or embarrassed. 
COVID-19 has pushed many San Antonio families into crisis. As our community works to overcome the fallout of this pandemic, your support will be more important than ever. Can we count on you to help get children excited about returning to school despite their family’s struggle with homelessness? 
Complete this FORM and return it to Melanie Riley at by July 17 to sponsor a specific child and his or her back to school needs.
Thank you for helping a child in need harness the power of education to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. 
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