A letter from Louis Dorfman regarding IEAS Important News and Changes

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary
This year has been an unprecedented and challenging year for the whole world and the organizations affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic and its effects on beings, human and animals.
We at the sanctuary have been less effected than many organizations; our main issues have been the loss of most of our interns (who returned to their home quarantine) and the loss of some of our traditional donations and funding. We are lucky to have had less disruptions than many, and our animals are hearty and healthy; oblivious to the upheavals in the world, as we would wish them to be.
We have some exciting and necessary changes taking place for the benefit of the permanence of the future operation of the sanctuary.
I, Louis Dorfman, have been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the sanctuary for many, many years. Now, with advancing age, I must do what is best for the ongoing stability of the healthy organization we have spent so many years building and improving. It is my obligation to the animals housed at the sanctuary to insure their happy and stress-free lifestyle remains intact.
Therefore, the management is being turned over to Pat Craig, Director of the Wild Animal Sanctuary and the Wild Animal Refuge in Colorado. These facilities house over 500 lions, tigers, bears, and wolves on over 10,000 acres. Their reputation is sterling, and Pat’s philosophy of sanctuaries is completely consistent with the values that IEAS has always had for the safety and happiness of the resident animals.
There are many needs that the sanctuary has to upgrade and improve the operation and facilities necessary for the operation of the sanctuary. We very much welcome anyone that wants to be a part of the future of IEAS in a meaningful way.  Among those are:
Aspirations/Goals for 2020 and beyond

  • Infrastructure Upgrades – We’d like to rerun parts of our water/electrical in the facility and upgrade the capabilities
  • Our habitats and related fencing needs painting and repair throughout the facility, as time is taking its toll on all our enclosures. This is an expensive and time-consuming task.
  • Replacing Utility Vehicles – Our Utility Vehicles are HEAVILY used daily and are a key piece of equipment for the facility to get our animals fed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, constant maintenance can only do so much. We are looking to replace ones that are constantly down for repair.
  • Solar – We’d love to add solar panels to portions of the facility in the years to come.
  • Upgrade Dorm/Gift Shop – We would love to increase our capabilities for future interns by upgrading the dorm situation. We’d also love to create a better ‘Welcome Center’ type setup for our gift shop and include more educational items. Think your employer or someone you know may be able to help? We’d love to talk and could possibly have the “_________ Welcome Center” or have an additional wing on dorm be the “_______Dorm Wing”.
A few words from PAT CRAIG – Executive Director – The Wild Animal Sanctuary
Greetings from The Wild Animal Sanctuary!  I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones safe, well and completely free of any negative effects brought on by the current pandemic.  I would also like for everyone to know how truly grateful I am for this opportunity to help the animals currently living at IEAS.
Louis Dorfman has been a steadfast supporter and overall champion for this organization for more than two decades, and like so many others, I have the utmost respect for everything he has accomplished to date.  His concern for the future wellbeing of this organization is admirable and I hope all IEAS supporters understand and appreciate his decision to allow our Sanctuary to help.
With your support, the Staff, Volunteers and Interns at IEAS have made a real difference in the lives of hundreds of animals over the years, and this incredible achievement was only possible because everyone involved truly cared!  I am both honored and excited to work with everyone who supports this organization and look to the future as we combine our efforts to help save and care for captive wildlife.
It has been a great joy and source of happiness and contentment to have overseen the resident animals at IEAS enjoying the best life possible in captivity together with the minimum amount of stress or aggravation for all these years. I hope to continue to be of assistance and guidance in any area that the new management finds helpful for the animals.
My utmost respect and appreciation goes out to the staff, interns, and volunteers that have made the sanctuary function for all these years, and the magnificent donors that allowed the facility to be what it is. Can you imagine; over two decades and not one human or animal has been injured in all that time! I’m so proud of the people that made it happen. These dedicated staff, interns, and volunteers are the backbone of the professional and empathetic functioning of the sanctuary, and we couldn’t do what we do without the loyal donors that are always there when we need them.
I also want to highly commend our long-time veterinarian, Dr. Greg Moore. He has been IEAS’ veterinarian since its inception, over two decades ago. Dr. Moore has faithfully cared for all the animals at IEAS, and he has had full authority to make decisions that affect animals in pain and suffering with no chance of recovery. I have never questioned his judgment on these emotion-packed decisions. Nor have we ever, in all these years, had an animal harmed by medical negligence. Quite an impressive record!
Life goes by, and change is inevitable. I am comforted that I was able to find a way to have a permanence to the operation going forward for many, many years, knowing the animals are in good hands.
Louis Dorfman
  • International Exotic Animal Sanctuary