CPMF’s 2020 Summer e-Festival Schedule

Cactus Pear Music Festival
Around the World
in 8 Days
CPMF’s summer festival season might not be live, but CPMF music plays on with our online e-Festival that offers tantalizing programs.
We’ll have EIGHT CONCERT DAYS presenting FOUR PROGRAMS of archival festival performances, as well as FOUR ORIGINAL MASTER CLASSES. I will be presenting our first master class on July 10, “If She’d Only Had the Vote,” showcasing female composers. The three other master classes will be presented by artistic director candidates Scott Cuellar and Ryo Yanagitani, as well as by festival artist and program annotator Jeffrey Sykes. Their topics are fascinating. The master classes will include 20 minutes of provocative discussion by the artists including audio example highlights, with the last 10 minutes dedicated to a Q&A (more on that below).
e-NOTIFICATIONS: The day of our event, we will send out a Constant Contact e-Reminder with the link to CPMF’s Vimeo Channel. We plan on posting our event videos at 3pm each concert or master class day. Once posted, those videos will be available thereafter for viewing at your convenience and at your timing — the day of the event, or any time thereafter. We will also have the Vimeo Channel link on our website if you’d rather the convenience of just heading to cpmf.us and launching from there. We will only send you those 8 festival reminders during the e-festival itself.
We’ll take you for an “Italian Excursion,” wander through “English Landscapes,” hit the road with “Tour de France,” and bring it on home with “Latino Longings.” The link for the schedule is at the bottom of the email. We hope to satisfy your wanderlust with some of the best of CPMF through the years.
Get your questions ready.
With four intriguing topics, we’re sure you might have questions for Stephanie, Scott, Ryo or Jeffrey. Use the link to the full schedule below and at each Master Class listing you can click the link to our Contact Form where you can pose your question(s). The four musicians will do their best to answer the questions they receive. Thanks for participating.
e-Festival Schedule Calendar: link here
e-Festival Full Line-Up and Program Listing: link here
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