Texas Women’s Fdn Makes $320K in Grants for Women and Girls

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There are not enough words to describe this time of unprecedented challenges in public health and the economy.  Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this crisis, and especially to those we know are both impacted first and will feel the impact for the longest time:  lower income women and their families who already live at the margins or below the poverty line.

These are the women who make up 63 percent of the minimum wage workforce.  These are the women with jobs in now shuttered restaurants, spas and salons whose income depends significantly on tips.  These are the women who provide child care, housekeeping and home health services, and who cannot go to work either because their place of work is closed or their own children must be cared for at home due to school closures.

These are the women and families we have long supported at Texas Women’s Foundation.  They are the reason we are focused on women’s economic security as a critical mandate for Texas’ future.  And they – as one of the most vulnerable and impacted populations in our communities and state – are why we have responded to the current environment by establishing Texas Women’s Foundation Resilience Fund.

We know women and families will still be struggling long after the immediate crisis is past. That is why we are aiming the Resilience Fund at meeting the mid- and long-term needs of women and families. We are working with our longstanding nonprofit partners, to shape and fund strategic and timely responses.

How You Can Help

Donate to the Resilience Fund to help Texas Women’s Foundation and our partners meet the needs of lower income women and families in this time of unprecedented challenges. Together, we can strengthen women and families…toward the goal of building a truly better world for all.




Texas Women’s Foundation joined North Texas’ most respected foundation leaders for an online discussion on how the local social impact community is responding to COVID-19, what each of these organizations is doing, and how we can be strategic in our work together over the coming months.


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