TXNP would like to invite Texas nonprofits and foundations to post jobs on the website for free

The Social Responsibility Corp - TexasNonprofits

501c3 Foundations and Nonprofits and Corporate Foundations in Texas and those who serve Texans.

We want to help you. For Free. We want to post your jobs, volunteer opportunities, tell your stories, let this in need know about your grant offerings.

There are two ways to post your job or your story.

  1. Send it to us (txnp@txnp.org) your job postings and your volunteer opportunities and we will post it for you for FREE.
  2. Or, we have set our job posting page to allow you to enter your job yourself, and click submit. It will automatically be saved in our database so that we can go back and publish it. We will activate the job for you. Do not pay.

The jobs will be displayed on our home page and also be published in our weekly newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter on the homepage at www.txnp.org. The posting will remain on the site for 3 months, unless you ask us to remove earlier.

Please include: *This offer is for a limited time only. Expiring May 31, 2020

*Name of the nonprofit or foundation

*City in which the nonprofit/foundation is located

*Website URL of the nonprofit/foundation

*Name of nonprofit/foundation executive who is sending the posting

*Email/Contact information of executive so we can reach you if need be

*Telephone so we can reach you if need be

*Title of the job/volunteer opportunity

*Description of the job/volunteer opportunity  – write all you want!

*Date of expiration of the offer unless it is 3 months with is our auto-system date

On another subject. We would love to hear how you are doing. How has your nonprofit/volunteer opportunity  weathered the Covid-19 storm? What plans have you made to get through this? Is there a story you would like to tell us? We are all ears. As I said, we want to help you in any way we can.

Warm Regards,

Jacqueline Beretta

CEO, TexasNonprofits

A project of the Social Responsibility Corporation



Photo:  Roberta Guillen on Unsplash

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