Vogel Alcove: Donate and help support a mom and her kids!

Vogel Alcove

I don’t normally send you emails like this … but these are not normal times.

Vogel Alcove needs your help TODAY!

We have worked so hard to move our families from homelessness into housing and greater family stability, but as we enter yet another week of the Shelter-in-Place order, the coronavirus is threatening to push our families back into homelessness by devastating their income.

Will you please make an urgent gift of $50 to provide food, supplies, and childcare for these moms?

Here is what’s going on – Maggie, a single mom, came to Vogel Alcove when she was living in a domestic violence shelter. She worked hard to get a job and recently moved into her own home. As fallout from the pandemic, that stability may disappear overnight. As weeks pass, she clings to Vogel Alcove … Maggie has NO ONE else to turn to.

Your gift will provide emergency assistance to a mom like Maggie who is unable to feed her kids and pay her bills. You can save this family from becoming homeless AGAIN.
Every day, Vogel Alcove is delivering hundreds of meals to our families sheltered in place with their kids – in some cases 6-10 family members in a one-bedroom home. As we approach porches to leave breakfasts, lunches, and snacks – we hear children before we knock –  “Mommy, Mommy, they’re here – Vogel Alcove is here!” They peer out from behind the glass, waiting for us to arrive. 

The moms smile, wave, and thank us – but in their faces you see worry. Their jobs are at risk, their kids are hungry, their school age kids are out of school, and they are afraid because they don’t know how much longer they can make it!

Vogel Alcove has expanded our services to meet the greatest needs for our families. However, there are no funds in our budget to cover the expenses for these additional services. 

Your action is needed NOW. Please make your gift to provide emergency assistance with urgency! You will help keep a mom and her kids from sliding back into homelessness. 

Every day counts right now and we are counting on YOU!

Karen Hughes

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Donate and help support a mom and her kids!
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