Another Musical Moment from Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio and the Cactus Pear Music Festival

Cactus Pear Music Festival

On Saturday, July 20, 2019, at Trinity Baptist Church, cellist Jonah Kim and pianist Scott Cuellar captivated the audience when they performed Fryderyk Chopin’s 1846 Sonata in G Minor, Op. 65.
Like myself, musicians across the globe are eagerly awaiting the time when we can return to the concert stage to make music again with each other and to share it face-to-face with you, our audience! Our raison d’etre is to create aural poetry that touches our listeners. But until that day arrives again for all of us, when we can look each other in the eyes once again, we wanted to share Musical Moment 5.
Click the link below to hear cellist Jonah Kim and pianist Scott Cuellar in their passionate and riveting live recorded performance of the first movement of Chopin’s Cello Sonata from the 2019 Festival. But wait until you have a quiet 10 minutes to yourself, pour yourself a glass of wine or your favorite beverage, and savor a memorable moment from Cactus Pear Music Festival.
From CPMF’s program annotator Jeffrey Sykes’ 2019 summer festival notes …
The first movement of the sonata is monumental in scope, presenting a variety of themes and moods: music that’s majestic and heroic; other music that is simple, still, and expectant; and some that is dramatic, anguished, and virtuosic. It’s a testament to Chopin’s skill that all of these moods can be tied together so convincingly…. The sonata was premiered at Chopin’s last public concert in Paris on February 16, 1848. Auguste Franchomme, the dedicatee of the work and a close friend of Chopin, played the cello part…. [T]his sonata cost [Chopin] dearly, but it was clearly a work very close to his heart, a work he felt was worth the effort it took to complete. On his deathbed, he asked to hear the first movement of the sonata, but he found he could only bear to listen to the first few measures.
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