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For over 20 years, Tito’s Handmade Vodka has been making a product that brings people together both in celebration and times of reflection. As the individuals who make up this company, our hearts are breaking for our friends, our partners, and the communities affected and isolated by this pandemic. We owe everything to the folks in the service industry. Without them—their bars and restaurants, their neighborhood regulars and occasional customers, their stages hosting musicians, and spaces for gathering—we wouldn’t be able to help. But, thanks to all of their hard work, passion, and endless advocacy, we can.

Since we can’t exactly get together to fundraise or gather to volunteer within our communities, we’re hunkering down and doing what we can, starting with a $2 million donation to organizations that are providing assistance to those affected by the current pandemic. We are making an immediate donation of $1 million between four organizations focused on those in the service industry — CORE, USBG Foundation, Southern Smoke, and World Central Kitchen — and will fund an additional $1 million as we uncover further needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. While these organizations are national in reach, they help industry members at a local level across the country by providing financial assistance in the form of individual grants, supporting education for chefs who turn their restaurants into community kitchens, and helping provide affordable meals to industry members and others in need.

And this is only the beginning. In addition to these organizations, we’ll be supporting other local efforts mobilizing during this unprecedented time of uncertainty. Our “Love, Tito’s” program has continuously supported nonprofits across the country through event sponsorships, service projects, and grants and donations both at local and national levels. We will continue to support nonprofits, evolving our approach to meet unfolding needs safely and quickly.

These are uncharted times, but, for as long as we can, we’ll raise glasses from afar. We’ll have virtual happy hours, parties and concerts, and if it’s safe, we’ll nudge elbows and do the foot kick thing. For as long as we’re apart, we’re in this together.

Stay safe and healthy.


In addition to financial support, these national organizations also provide local resources and education on how to navigate during these unprecedented times. We encourage you to encourage your friends in the industry to go to these organizations for assistance.


Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE), is a national organization that grants support to children of food and beverage service employees navigating life-altering circumstances. CORE’s COVID-19 Relief Fund assists those who have specifically been impacted by the pandemic, including providing support to parents in the service industry who have been medically diagnosed with COVID-19. Employees with children can apply for assistance online.


USBG National Charity Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Campaign bolsters the USBG Bartender Emergency Assistance Program which supports qualified bartenders, bar backs, and bar servers who need financial assistance as a result of a catastrophic event or an emergency hardship. Recipients are screened, vetted, and awarded assistance on an objective and non-discriminatory basis. 

Southern Smoke 

Southern Smoke Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund provides nationwide financial assistance to food and beverage employees experiencing crisis from all touchpoints throughout the service industry “food chain” including farmers, delivery drivers, small business owners, and suppliers.

World Central Kitchen 

Through its #ChefsForAmerica effort, World Central Kitchen is working to safely distribute individually packaged fresh meals in communities that need support. Additionally, World Central Kitchen will be announcing a network of #ChefsForAmerica Community Kitchens across the country that will offer affordable or free meals to families in need of support. Many of these locations will be restaurants that have transformed to serve their local communities.

Tito’s Hand Sanitizer

In our first two weeks of production we have produced, packaged and donated a few tons over our initial commitment of 24 tons of hand sanitizer. With updates to our production facilities, we now have the capacity to make at least 60 tons of hand sanitizer per week for as long as there is need, and we are working on ways to increase that capacity even further.

We have donated sanitizer to critical frontline organizations in Austin and other local communities throughout Texas, as well as to New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan, California and Florida.

We are actively working to continue to distribute our hand sanitizer regionally and throughout the United States. If you live in Texas and are a government emergency management official, first responder, healthcare worker, nonprofit employee, or are other critical personnel that is in need of hand sanitizer, please complete this form to submit your request. If you live outside of Texas, please note we are streamlining out-of-state efforts by working directly with governmental agencies or other emergency response teams to distribute our sanitizer to those most in need in their respective communities.

Please note that due to a high volume of inquiries we are not able to respond to each request individually. But, please know that you are important to us, and we are working to fulfill hand sanitizer needs as quickly as we can. We will post updates on TitosVodka.com as our production increases, and we’ll reach out to you if and when we are able to fulfill your request.

 To learn more, visit https://www.titosvodka.com/stories/sending-love-and-goodness/

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