TFG Foundation to Give $100,000 to Charities in Response to COVID-19

TFG Foundation

Thrift for Good was set to open in late summer 2020 as the for-profit donation-based thrift store counterpart to two charitable organizations – TFG Charitable Supply, and TFG Foundation. In response to COVID-19, the TFG Foundation is accelerating their charitable giving. TFG Foundation has already committed $50,000 to charities including The Humane Society of North Texas, I Can Still Shine, Mission Central, NEED DFW, Battered Women’s Foundation, Central Arts, and more. TFG Foundation has an additional $50,000 to gift and invites organizations in need to apply for grants at The application deadline is April 17, 2020.

“We had planned these donations for later in the year, when our for-profit store and our charity will both be up and running,” explains founder Jen Cooper. “But when COVID-19 began to impact our local community, we decided that the time to donate is now. Local charities are on the front lines filling the needs of our most vulnerable, making social distancing possible. But most of those charities are reporting fewer donations and much, much more need.”

In addition to financial support, TFG Charitable Supply invites organizations to apply for donated goods such as blankets and towels, housewares, and clothing, which will become available later this year. Thrift for Good also invites organizations to apply for year-round support through its fundraising program. Twenty-five percent of revenue from donated items goes to the charity of the donor’s choice. 

About TFG Foundation & TFG Charitable Supply

TFG Charitable Supply receives used goods from its for-profit counterpart, Thrift for Good. It sorts the goods and gives them to other charities and individuals that can use them. TFG Foundation is privately funded and will be supporting TFG Charitable Supply by funding its operational costs. TFG Foundation will also provide approximately $100,000 in grants yearly to unaffiliated charities. In response to COVID-19, we are accelerating our charitable giving, and are now accepting applications through April 17, 2020. Learn more at

About Thrift for Good

Thrift for Good is a donation-based thrift store unlike any other: Thrift for Good lets you pick which charity receives the cash proceeds from your donation and gives excess stuff that can’t be sold to charities that can use it, so nothing goes to waste. Thrift for Good is the perfect fundraising solution for your organization. Simply ask your members to donate their unwanted items to Thrift for Good and designate your group to receive the cash proceeds from the sale. Learn more at

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