2019 | Nonprofit Predictions by Carolyn Appleton

Carolyn M. Appleton

I received the new Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog email and thought it should be passed on to everyone in the nonprofit community. Thoughtfully written, Carolyn Appleton has some very interesting and creative predictions. Love this! You will too.

2019 | Nonprofit Predictions.

Carolyn writes, “Follow the link to read it. I have gone into a little more depth than usual this year, and I have provided helpful links to other resources. I cover federal funding, crypto currencies and Blockchain, crowdfunding, data, donor advised funds, and more.

This is the fifth year I have attempted to predict the future. If you have questions or want to share comments, please use my secure contact form.

I agree with those quoted in my article that 2018 has been one of the most tumultuous the nonprofit sector has experienced. But despite numerous challenges, nonprofit organizations and several donors – including some leading American corporations and foundations – are stepping up to the plate. I am proud of our sector and our partners for continuing to innovate and to, “push back” against those whose actions hurt our sector.

Check out predictions from Carolyn M. Appleton at https://carolynmappleton.com/2019-nonprofit-predictions/

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Carolyn M. Appleton | December 2, 2018

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