Saved his life – Help give a young grizzly a home 🐻 and YOU can have the opportunity to name him

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary Newsletter

His life has been saved!

Please help us welcome our newest resident, a young grizzly bear. Through no fault of his own, this poor guy was in need of a permanent home or else he faced euthanasia. We couldn’t allow that to happen. After many phone calls and a trip that exceeded 24 hours, he is now at his forever home.

Now that he has been saved from such a terrible fate, help us with renovating a place for him to stay permanently.  

Donate to our GOFUNDME
It didn’t take him long to enjoy a dip in his water tub.

How you can help him:

We are reaching out to you, our supporters, to help us give him an excellent home. 

  • Please share our social media posts with friends, family, coworkers, etc. That person you share with may know someone that can help. 
  • We need volunteers for construction. 
  • Help us find more supporters that can sponsor this little guy or donate materials for construction. Try seeing if your place of work would be interested in helping the him and getting the recognition in return. 
  • Consider donating to our GoFundMe or on North Texas Giving Day(9/20/18) for those of you in North Texas. Every donation helps.

Our biggest needs are sponsors and materials. If any individuals or businesses are looking to help sponsor him, please contact us at or 940-433-5091.

Sponsors: Large sponsors will be recognized via plaques, our newsletter, social media, and more. 

Materials needed: LOTS of new 2 3/8″ pipe and concrete. If anyone knows someone in a local concrete company that can help, please let us know. 

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