Summer at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

Summer at the Sanctuary!

It has been one hot summer so far! With temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, our mister lines and pools have created quite the oasis for the animals. We have been busy, busy, busy keeping pools clean and making sure the animals have access to multiple sources of water while we wait out this summer.
Help Our Wolves
The pups turned a year old in the month of April. They are all growing up to be unique and independent members in the pack, and are adjusting well to the Texas heat. They have figured out that dens are great places to hide when its too hot to leave the house. We are looking into options for either expanding their current habitat or moving them to a new enclosure. Whatever we decide, they will still have a large pool to splash around in. Now if only we could find a way to magically collect all of their shedding fur.
We are totally dependent on the generosity of supporters and donors to fund our deeply needed programs, health care, and nutritional needs. Please visit, adopt animals, volunteer, or support us in any way you can.

We appreciate each and every one of you and want everyone to enjoy our animals as much as we do.

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