NoVo Foundation Announces Grantees of $34 Million Radical Hope Fund

NoVo Foundation

The NoVo Foundation today announced $34 million—up from $20 million committed originally —in Radical Hope Fund grants to 19 organizations from among 1,000 applicants doing bold and transformative social justice work in the United States and around the world.

“We launched the Radical Hope Fund as a radical experiment—can a time of increasing repression and darkness also serve as a springboard for deep collaboration and transformative change?” said Jennifer and Peter Buffett, NoVo’s co-presidents. “The answer has been overwhelming: feminist grassroots advocacy, activism, and organizing are thriving across the globe, new partnerships are growing, and justice leaders everywhere are planting the seeds for a radical new world based in equity, possibility, power, and dignity for all.”

NoVo launched the Radical Hope Fund in July 2017 with a global call for projects grounded in new partnerships, bold experimentation, and a deep commitment to social justice. What might be possible, NoVo asked, if movement leaders had the support they needed not only to defend against daily attacks, but also to dream of new possibilities, experiment with new collaborations, and guide us to new solutions?

The result is a diverse array of grants to organizations driving systemic social change in communities around the world, from women Nobel Peace Prize laureates influencing the Korean peace process, to Gen Z and Millennial Latinx feminist organizers in Texas combining protest with performance, to an international network devoted to eliminating the root cause of violence against girls and women.

Like all of NoVo’s work, the fund is grounded in the belief that meaningful change happens from the community level up—informed by lived experience, powered by movement building and activism, and guided by the leadership of marginalized people as the best experts of their own lives and futures.

The first-of-its-kind fund is a direct response to alarming worldwide trends: the resurgence of hate speech and violence, escalating assaults on human and civil rights, widening wealth inequality, and the rise in nativism.

“We hear a lot about innovation in the social sector, but the truth is that marginalized communities are rarely granted the trust, support, and space they need to experiment and dream,” said Pamela Shifman, executive director of the NoVo Foundation. “The Radical Hope Fund grantees show us that radical innovation is already happening, feminist organizing is already leading our way, and the answer so many are looking for in these challenging times is already in front of us, if only we are willing to back it up with the trust and support it deserves.”

Beginning today, NoVo is also launching a new Radical Hope Blog Series to chronicle the work of partners around the world in their own voices, to share learning and insights, build solidarity, and increase support for their work. Amid daily headlines of division, the blog series is intended to serve as an active and dynamic beacon of hope, possibility, resistance and resilience.

Radical Hope Fund grantees will drive systemic progress through the following projects. For a full list of Radical Hope Fund project descriptions, visit the foundation’s website at

Radical Hope Fund Grantees, Projects, Locations, Grants:


  1. African Women’s Development Fund
    The Flourish Project
  2. Allied Media Projects, with partners
    Create, Connect, Transform
    Detroit, Michigan
  3. Black LGBTQ+ Migrant Project
    Black LGBTQ+ Migrant Project
    Minneapolis, Minnesota; Oakland, California; Washington, DC
  4. Blackbird
    Blackbird Global Black Victory Lab
    Africa, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, United States
  5. Center for Justice at Columbia University
    Women Transcending
    United States
  6. Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform (CMAP), with Jire Dole and Amnesty International Nigeria
    Chicoco Collective
    Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  7. Florida Immigrant Coalition
    Radical Hope Florida
  8. Grassroots Global Justice Alliance , with Climate Justice Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network, and Right to the City Alliance
    It Takes Roots to Grow the Resistance
    United States, Canada
  9. Grassroots International , with Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network, and World March of Women Project
    Strengthening Grassroots Feminist Movements Collaborative
    Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Palestine, Puerto Rico, United States
  10. Jolt, with Deeds Not Words
    Movement Mujeres
  11. Masimanyane Women’s Rights International
    International Network to End Violence Against Women and Girls
    International (member representatives from Australia, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Samoa, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States)
  12. The Movement for Black Lives
    Electoral Justice Project
    United States
  13. Movement Strategy Center
    Decolonizing Race
    United States
  14. National Domestic Workers Alliance
    Women’s Rematch
    United States, with a focus on Georgia
  15. The Nile Forum
    Regenerating a Nile Community of Communities
    Nile Basin countries
  16. People’s Action Institute
    Rural Women’s Collaborative: Uniting Across Race and Place for Racial and Economic Justice
    Alabama, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin
  17. Tewa Women United
    Healing Justice and Radical Self-Care
    United States, with a focus on New Mexico
  18. Water Protector Legal Collective
    Strengthening Indigenous Voices for Unci Maka
    North America
  19. Women Cross DMZ, with Nobel Women’s Initiative and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
    Women Led Korea Peace Treaty 2020 Campaign
    Canada, China, Japan, North Korea, United States, South Korea

About NoVo Foundation

NoVo Foundation is dedicated to building a more just and balanced world. Founded in 2006 by Jennifer and Peter Buffett, NoVo has become one of the largest private foundations in the world to support initiatives focused explicitly on girls and women, including a dedicated focus on ending violence against girls and women and supporting adolescent girls. NoVo also works to advance social and emotional learning, support Indigenous communities and promote local living economies.

Photo credit: Thank you Kinga Cichewicz