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Identifying problems; finding solutions
Recuperating from housing loss is overwhelming. Home is where you start your day and where you lay your head at night. For many today, home is not the home that it was a year ago. The consequences of a devastating hurricane left many homeowners still struggling today. Houston used to be a beacon for people who looked to enjoy a decent and affordable place to live. But in recent years, housing costs have are heading upward. Couple that with housing loss and you have a near perfect storm.
In a recent Houston Chronicle Article, Ali Solis, CEO and president of Make Room, Inc. stated, “High rent burdens are also a deterrent to economic growth. If affordable-housing options remain limited, Houston risks the exodus of thousands of young talented adults who help power this growth.”
Our city has a challenge ahead of us; and as dire as it seems, the possibilities are endless and exciting. By working together and collaborating with other housing entities, we can find solutions.
Several innovations are being explored. Some might seem drastic, but others are quite thought provoking. One popular trend is the “shipping crate” home. Surging from the “Tiny homes” concept, these containers are typically 20 x 8 x 8 ft. covering a surface of sq. ft. They can be attached or detached, making them a versatile and affordable alternative. Houston Habitat for Humanity will implement a pier and beam construction to their builds in the fall; elevating homes to the new Houston standards.
Houston Habitat Restoration Project May 2018
Houston Habitat is constantly studying improvements for affordable housing. We work to help lower income families purchase homes and repair homes for other families so that they can continue to enjoy their homes. The homeowners do incur a cost, but it is largely offset by donors and volunteers. Just recently Houston Habitat restored and repaired some homes that were severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey.
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Into the 21st Century, the Houston Bar Association (HBA) is in the process of building their 21st home with Houston Habitat. The building is in part by attorney volunteers from various law firms and corporations, and future homeowners partner with them using their own sweat equity. Funding for the home was donated by contributions from members of the HBA that began IN 2017 and was completed in the winter.
Last year, HBA was the recipient of Houston Habitat’s first Legacy Award, which recognized their long standing support and loyal stewardship of our mission and vision through its partnering volunteers.
HBA will help future homeowners like Shamika, who was renting a home that was flooded out from Hurricane Harvey. Or like Shannon, a great-grandmother [of twin girls] who has never owned a home before, and wants to build lasting memories for generations to come. And like Kimberly, who dearly wants to have a home for her 2 young sons, but has been struggling with income requirements to own a home.
Welcome back, HBA! We are proud to continue such a rewarding partnership building solid foundations for future homeowners. 
Houston Habitat takes a volunteer team to Guatemala
Houston Habitat’s Construction Director, John Zaboraowki, and Development Director, Angela Cox, took a volunteer team to Guatemala in May. Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Trips are designed to lend a helping hand to those in need of simple, decent shelter, and to learn about the global need for cross-cultural understanding and simple, decent, affordable housing.
The group traveled from Houston to Guatemala City for an 8 day stay in the village of Guastoya, where they helped build a home for a family of 7.
The Houston group also worked alongside
Kristyna, from Habitat Guatemala, and Oscar, from Habitat El Progresso, Guatemala. (Pictured above, from left to right: Krystyna, Rebekah Douglas, Angela Cox, Kim Gajewski, Bob Hughes, John Zaborowski and family.
Angela remarked that the build process, compared to how we do it in Houston, “was extremely different – much more manual labor. The only tools were shovels, picks and pliers. We dug out the foundation. We built the 600 square foot house using concrete blocks, re-bar and cement. The kitchen and bathroom were not part of house. We made materials such as re-bar and concrete by hand.”
Transporting the concrete was not an easy task. “The kids showed us how it gets done!” Angela said, “We manually carried the concrete blocks up the hill to the build site.”
What struck her most during the Guatemala trip was how friendly the people were. ” Full of life,” she remarked, “At first blush, you would think that life is simple. They live in two worlds, however – the modern one and the ancient one. For instance, most have a cell phone, and WiFi hot spots are plentiful, but few have bathrooms or potable water. Many families eat prepared/fast food, but every family also makes tortillas by hand over a wood burning stove weekly.” 
The group later traveled to Antigua for a day of sightseeing and culture.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Guatemala as they continue to recover from the Fuego volcano eruption.
About Houston Habitat for Humanity
Since 1987, individuals, businesses and groups in our community have joined Houston Habitat for Humanity to build or improve a place people call home. Through shelter, we empower people to build a better future for themselves and their families by completing financial and home maintenance training, building homes alongside volunteers, and by purchasing an affordable mortgage. With this hand up, they achieve the strength, stability and self-reliance they need to build better futures. To learn more about Houston Habitat for Humanity and the Houston Habitat ReStore – a nonprofit home improvement store and donation center open to the public – go to www.houstonhabitat.org, or call 713-671-9993. Houston Habitat for Humanity is a tax-exempt 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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