Design your annual budget

San Antonio Area Foundation

Use your budget as a planning tool to reach short and long-term financial goals. Take our Budget Basics workshop on Thursday, June 14, to learn how you can create an effective budget process that aligns with your programs and mission.

An annual budget is a planning tool that helps nonprofit organizations develop short-term financial plans to reflect and reach long-term financial goals related to the organization’s programs, mission and strategic plan. This course will provide basic steps in developing, implementing and executing an effective budgeting process for nonprofit organizations.  

Learning Objectives: 

  • What a budget is and why budgeting is important to a nonprofit organization
  • How to create an effective budget
  • How to use your budget as a tool

Who should take this class?

Nonprofit Board Members, Finance Committee Members, CEOs/Executive Directors, CFOs/Finance Directors, Controllers, and any other nonprofit accounting/finance staff who assist in preparing financial information

This workshop is included in our Nonprofit Management Certification series and fulfills three hours in the Financial Management competency area.

Cost:  $60.00


9:00 AM – 12:00 PM