Go birding in Mexico with GCBO in the fall of 2018

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory
Oaxaca, Mexico in September 2018
Veracruz, Mexico in October 2018
Duluth, Minnesota in January 2019
We will be in pursuit of so many incredible birds as we partner with expert tour leaders to ensure the best experience possible.
Come chase exotic raptors in Veracruz with Bill Clark, one of the leading authorities on raptors, and Martin Hagne, GCBO’s Executive Director. 
Find exquisite endemics and tropical species in Oaxaca with expert guide Eric Martinez,
and Martin Hagne, GCBO’s Executive Director. 
Experience the hard to find boreal bird species in Duluth with long time guide Kim Eckert,
and Martin Hagne, GCBO’s Executive Director.
This is first-come first-served registration and proceeds go to supporting GCBO’s research programs! What a great way to support GCBO!
You can now see the full itineraries for the Oaxaca and Veracruz trips on our website
Contact Martin Hagne at mhagne@gcbo.org with questions and to book your spot.