GCBO’s Native Plant Nursery

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory
The Growery. We had quite a setback from Harvey and the 2 hard freezes, but the surviving plants have now revealed themselves, and we have sorted through most of them and put them on display. Emma Shelly has made us some new signs for the most-common offerings. We have also planted many seeds over the winter, and have MANY new plants coming up.
Workdays have been started again on every Saturday, 9am – 12 noon. 
Please consider volunteering in this effort! We sure can use the help, and please help pass the word to other “plant folks”.
Interestingly, we have had a steady stream of customers. I guess due to the spring-time urge to garden! So, come by and see!
Our chief task at workdays will be to organize any remaining plants for display, label everything appropriately, and start potting up the new seedlings. We also hope folks can begin to bring in new plants, seedlings, cuttings, etc., to add to the collection. As this nears completion, I will be updating the on-line list of species that we offer.
979-480-0999 www.gcbo.org
Lake Jackson, Texas