Chan Zuckerberg Initiative hands out $15 million to help scientists ‘map every cell in the human body’

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative


The goal of the Human Cell Atlas project is to create a shared, open reference atlas of all cells in the healthy human body as a resource for studies of health and disease. This global endeavor will generate a large variety of molecular and imaging data across a wide range of modalities and spatial scales.

To analyze, interpret, and disseminate these data, these 85 projects will focus on creating new computational tools, algorithms, visualizations, and benchmark datasets. In the spirit of open, collaborative development, researchers will work together and share progress with each other to evaluate the strengths of different approaches. They will also work with our science and engineering teams to help enhance and package their tools, and where appropriate, link them to the Human Cell Atlas Data Coordination Platform.

Click on any of the nodes in the data visualization below to learn more about the types of projects we are supporting through this endeavor. Use the arrows and press on the orange box if navigating from a mobile device.

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