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What you hear on the radio every day is only the polished and complete final product made ready for broadcast. That three-minute story is the result of days of hard work and investigative reporting. Until now, I have never had an opportunity to tell you the story behind the story. So this is what happened when I drove to Victoria to cover the destruction and recovery of Hurricane Harvey.
I began my day at 5:00 a.m. in order to be in Victoria at 7:00 a.m.  My goal was to cover part of Texas that had been overlooked in the overall hurricane coverage. I wanted to get the stories of people whose homes were damaged and living for days without electric power and running water. My trusty 1996 Ford Ranger pickup truck faithfully got me to my destination: the banks of the Guadalupe River. I went there because the county judge told me the river would crest and flood a neighborhood that afternoon. I would be gone long before that happened, I assured him.
After making the rounds and interviewing a few folks who told me they were sick and tired of Harvey messing with their lives, I headed back to my truck to move on to my next location. Unfortunately for me, the truck would not start. No clicks. No rumbles from the engine. Nothing. With the water level rising, I crawled under that truck and used a wrench to bang on the starter for a while just hoping against hope that it might cause the engine to turn over. After a few cycles of this, the truck started, and I drove straight back to San Antonio. Crisis averted.
Obviously, it’s time for a new truck. And I’m donating the old truck to TPR. But that’s another story for another day.
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