Create worlds of sci and fantasy with Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

The Writer's Garret
Nebula Finalist Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam teaches us how to create new worlds of science fiction and fantasy that suspend disbelief. But Early Registration prices only last until midnight tomorrow!
Worldbuilding in Speculative Fiction: Hogwarts, Middle-earth, Westeros, Arrakis, Earthsea: these are some of the fictional worlds that have felt as real to us as our own. Writing in the speculative fiction genres–fantasy, science fiction, horror, magical realism, and fabulism alike–often require the writer to play creator not only of characters but also of whole worlds, whole cultures. A well-built world can transport a reader, while mistakes in worldbuilding can break a reader’s concentration. In this course, we’ll discuss various elements one must consider when crafting worlds. We will run through several writing exercises to start building world through description, then we’ll drop our characters into these worlds to see how and with what they interact.
April 8: 
Craft and Confession
with Logen Cure
Students in this workshop will read and write poems in the confessional tradition. Confessional poetry is often characterized as self-indulgent or too much like a personal diary. This workshop aims to disprove that by highlighting the power of telling the truth and taking risks. We will explore how confessional poetry taps into universal ideas, reaching beyond the concerns of the individual poet. This workshop is suitable for all poets at all levels of experience. 
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April 25: 
From the Pen to the Stage
with Candy Zantea
Learn tricks and tips to evolve a stellar stage presence and maximize the power of any kind of poetry performance. Rehearse your piece with Dallas Poetry Slam Master Candy’s personalized feedback.
$35 Early Registration closes April 10. Click below to learn more and register: 
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