Google has taken the initiative to begin ‘Building a stronger future for journalism’ by elevating quality and fighting discrimination


We Believe

1. Quality journalism matters

We strive to ensure that quality news content is recognized across our platforms, that users can readily discover it, and that news partners benefit from creating it.

2. Financial stability requires innovation

We’re committed to providing news partners with cutting-edge tools and capabilities to help them better understand and connect with their users, improve their products, and power their underlying technological infrastructure.

3. The digital news ecosystem should remain open

We are committed to preserving an open digital ecosystem that offers a sustainable way to balance the needs of publishers and consumers.

4. New technology presents new opportunity

We’re committed to helping partners respond to changing news consumption habits by experimenting with new formats, like virtual reality, and old formats, like audio.

5. Collaboration is key to our mutual success

Gone are the days when news organizations – or tech companies – can “go it alone.” We’re committed to partnering with innovators to build a better future for news.

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