New Report Shows Women Dominate Leadership of Leanly Staffed Foundations Yet Gender Pay Gap Persists

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2018 Foundation Operations and Management Report, women are most likely to lead leanly staffed foundations, which comprise the majority of foundations in the United States. Two- thirds of the top administrators of leanly staffed foundations are women, yet they earn, on average, 84 cents for every dollar paid to men.

, but unfortunately the gender pay gap exists similar to said Henry L. Berman, Exponent

is important to build awareness of the gender pay gap so that foundation boards can address it and correct it

As expected, lean philanthropy is dominated by individuals who identify as white. Nearly forty percent (39%) of leanly staffed foundations reported having non-white representation on their boards, however, and one-third (33%) of foundations reported having non-white representation among their staff. Exponent Philanthropy

track racial diversity trends

going forward.

The 2018 Foundation Operations and Management Report also includes the following findings:

  •   Leanly staffed foundations give locally, nationally, and internationally. The vast majority (89%) support their local communities, and 21% give internationally.

  •   79% make general operating grants, up from 77% in the previous year.

  •   32% make grants to support advocacy efforts, up from 27% in the previous


  •   The most important issue facing leanly staffed foundations continues to be

board/generational succession.

  •   Leanly staffed foundations supplement their operations with consultants. Ninety percent report using consultants for activities other than investments and accounting.

  •   Leanly staffed foundations are increasingly using technology to streamline processes, most often using technology for accounting, charity status/grantee due diligence, and online document sharing.

    About the Report

    The 2018 Foundation Operations and Management Report is based on the 17th operations and management survey of members of Exponent Philanthropy that was fielded in summer 2017. The report details trends in foundation grantmaking, operations, investments, and governance. 

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