Study Measures How Central Texas Companies Support Nonprofits

By jacqueline beretta

Does your Central Texas company have a philanthropic/giving budget? How do you engage your employees in philanthropy? And which causes is your organization most likely to support?

An annual survey of companies in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown and the surrounding Central Texas area poses these and other questions to provide insights on how local organizations engage in philanthropy. The online Survey of Corporate Giving, open now through February 10, is free and anonymous – with the results published in the yearly Rodman Report

New data from the 2018 survey will be compared to previous findings, illustrating trends in local corporate giving and employee engagement.

Among the findings from last year’s Rodman Report:

Who spearheads giving: Last year’s study found that philanthropic/giving efforts are most often spearheaded by ownership (43 percent) or directors/executives (24 percent).

What they donate: Monetary donations led the list, but there are other significant ways that companies contribute. Many companies allow their employees to take volunteer hours (73 percent) as a way to support nonprofits.

Certain causes generate the most support: Most companies cited education (70 percent), human services (58 percent) and health and wellness (55 percent) as the types of causes they support.

Every year, the survey asks new questions and widens the scope of the Rodman Report, which was first published in 2015.

In an email message to area business leaders last year inviting them to participate in the survey, Austin Mayor Steve Adler wrote that “we need your help to continue measuring and communicating” how local organizations are charitable force for good.

“Please help us grow this study as it continues to be an enlightening measurement for businesses, nonprofits, community leaders, and all of us as charitable givers,” Adler wrote.

The 10-minute survey is hosted on and is available at, and also at Those who take the survey and opt-in to receive a digital copy of the Rodman Report will have an opportunity to get a first look at the survey results.

The Survey of Corporate Giving and the Rodman Report were created by Austin’s Rodman & Associates.

Last year’s “2017 Rodman Report” contains insights on philanthropy at Central Texas businesses. Download the report (in PDF) at 

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