Adoption Coalition of Texas Update Secret Santa Donors Needed
Adoption Coalition of Texas

November, 2012

NEEDED: Additional Donors for ACT Secret Santa Gift Program!

The annual Secret Santa Gift Program for the foster children of Central Texas is underway and we need your help.  As you are aware, each year at this time we ask caseworkers to give us wish lists from the hundreds of children who are currently in the foster care system in the Central Texas region.  The gifts supplied by our generous community donors each year make a huge difference in the lives of these children and certainly makes the holidays brighter for each of them.

So far this year we have matched more than 240 children with donors from the community!  We still have about 60 more children to go — many of whom are older children or teenagers.  These kids are often the last in line for attention.  We hope you will consider becoming Santa for one of these remaining foster children so we can complete all of our requests!

To become a Secret Santa donor, email your name, phone and email to as soon as possible. We would appreciate it and it will mean the world to the kids!  If you have any question about this program please call me at (512) 450-8608.